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Upgraded car physics (demo)




> This is defintely the best result I obtained with Leadwerks physics to build a car; I think this car is good enough so that it could be used in a game.

> The car reacts depending on terrain, feeling different if climbing or driving down. The car allows speed driving until 140-160 kmh

> The dampers became an upgrade that give me the possibility to construct car over 200 kg. That means simply that the cars drive now with much more stability and give for the player heavier feeling.

> It approachs the feeling you get in games klike GTA 4.. Even if the car doesn't really get out of control like sometime it happens ingame when cars are drifting.

> Car balancing and transmission could get more fine tuning, but this should be no problem.

Here is the demo:


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That's right...so much game design questions and many inspiration is needed

I'm thinking about bit of GTA like or village management with transport, something like this, not sure maybe adding educational purposes like mathematic little puzzles instead of shooting, really it is difficult, most because thinking about thtat alone is like turning around the same ideas again and again.

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