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Mind's flowing ideas and creations.

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Buggy desert crawler

Considering this blog as a diary of progress about car simulation with Leadwerks, I had the dream to simulate those desert crawlers able to climb on sharperned hills with a lot of impuls, Swinging on the roads as they're light, allowing the player to discover rapidly a large part of the map. Technically all the features (directions, dampers, smoothing, acceleration) get simplified but adjusted to be in a good balance. The car may be overpowered but it's fun!  

Upgraded car physics (demo)

> This is defintely the best result I obtained with Leadwerks physics to build a car; I think this car is good enough so that it could be used in a game. > The car reacts depending on terrain, feeling different if climbing or driving down. The car allows speed driving until 140-160 kmh > The dampers became an upgrade that give me the possibility to construct car over 200 kg. That means simply that the cars drive now with much more stability and give for the player heavier feel

New offroad speed jeep car crossing desert mountains

Still researching a good car simulation script with LE 4.6, so what's new: I changed some important parameters of my car script to make the car more nervous, better responsive to the world, rapid and giving more feelings and more controls by driving it. Maybe it is not 100% what man can expect but it is now more  fun to drive and that's important. The car now calculates and integrates both the forces coming from the world and from the player commands,  That means it checks th
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