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Found 9 results

  1. I was looking about experts car simulation developers giving advice or whatever. Then I found this https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Charles/Brian-Beckman-The-Physics-in-Games-Real-Time-Simulation-Explained Now I know why I am seecking a good car physics since 3 years and don't get it really working.
  2. This is a demo for a future offroad game. It demonstrates what a typical offroad drive could be in this game. It is a challenge for the driver to find a way on this broken road. The player has to follow an old forgotten road, the nature has slowly begun to cover. In the future, it supposed to let you deliver things to NPCs, win points on the road... I plan to add mud, water physics and visual effect,  sounds, music, buildings, NPCs, cars upgrades, repairing tools for broken pieces... There will be no minimap, maybe a reduced map to get maximal immersion.  
  3. View this video Description This is a demo for a future offroad game. It demonstrates what a typical offroad drive could be in this game. It is a challenge for the driver to find a way on this broken road. The player has to follow an old forgotten road, the nature has slowly begun to cover. In the future, it supposed to let you deliver things to NPCs, win points on the road... I plan to add mud, water physics and visual effect, sounds, music, buildings, NPCs, cars upgrades, repai
  4. This little game is here free to play: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiVBgjDAyIXLs1khcglU6UKFbI_4?e=4oK8Sj 1] First step: Adapting the Spline tool to build what we need: I combined some of the possibilities that offers the Spline Tool (great thing) to obtain all this in one: - Cars align and follow the roads (rotation) - While using Physics, and so collisions - While using reverse travel (cars go back on the road) 2] next step: - We need speed cars in this game, beautiful , well smoothed, and challenging that can drive a few r
  5. Finishing this today, I'm happy to publish this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1662222417 The car is funny to drive, the prefabs is ready-to-use but feel free to change the script variables to test it. Drop the prefabs in the map, it uses the classical FPSPlayer from Leadwerks. The car is based on joints: 4 wheels, 4 damper and 2 Hinges for the directions. The script incorporates smoothing damping modifications to get the car stable; modifications on the velocity. There is a funny speed boost system added. Here is a little video test:
  6. Now, I wrote a single script that creates suspension, steer and traction You have to create the chassis, 4 wheels, set this script to each one of the wheels and then paly with the configurable parameters. Enjoy: --[[ Autor Juan Ignacio Odriozola (charrua) Purpose: A script that facilitates the making of a simple car all you need is a chassis and 4 wheels assing this scrip to each wheel and set the object chassis then adjust some of the configurable parameters Parent: chassis entity : wheel 3 joints and 2 auxiliary entities are created the chain is: Parent
  7. Charrua

    Simple Car

    Here there is a way of making a simple car based on hinges This is not a tutorial, is just simply a stating point for the ones that want/like to play arround physics and hinges... I included the entire project and the distribution executable to test the scripts so, you have as I say a starting point and just that, hpe it helps someone This is the editor view and the initial placement of the parts needed Basically I made 3 scripts physicsProperties.lua wheel.lua steer.lua First you have to create and place the car body or chassis, 4 wheels and 6 au
  8. I have been getting into some frustration with the car script: This is a video of what happens when I make everything right. I have installed the prefab car and made everything just like in the car, tire 0,1,,2,3 at the right positions and name, physics are all the same . When I make the physics shape a box, the tires just disappear and nothing happens :I In the Video the physics shape is a polyhedron, I havent even started the engine and that happens. Also I have tryed all other physics shape but none worked. rover_mesh.fbx
  9. My lua project was fine and I left it for a few weeks. Now when I load it up the vehicle's forward/reverse controls are reversed. Couldn't figure it out so I created a new project with just flat terrain and shadmar's prefab car. Reversed controls.. Anyone else experiencing this or did I mess something up?
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