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Ultra App Kit Released




Built to power a new generation of game development tools, Ultra App Kit provides an easy-to-use C++ programming SDK for creating desktop GUI applications.

Unlike other alternatives like Dear ImGui, the Ultra App Kit GUI renders in retained mode rather than immediate mode, and is specifically designed for desktop GUI applications. This makes applications snappy and responsive when resizing or refreshing a window.

DPI scaling is baked into the design for resolution-independent graphics on any screen.

The GUI can be combined with an embedded OpenGL viewport, or combined with a 3D game engine to make custom editors and game development tools.

Check out the video tutorials and read the documentation to learn more.

Ultra App Kit can be purchased in our store.


API Design

  • C++ shared pointers everywhere
  • Extensible widgets system
  • Extensive documentation with examples for each command

UI Features

  • Resolution independent for any DPI scale
  • Load SVG vector images
  • Set widget icons
  • Change mouse cursor
  • Custom color schemes stored in JSON files

Supported Widgets

  • Label
  • Button (push, checkbox, radio, and toggle styles)
  • ProgressBar
  • TextField
  • TextArea
  • ComboBox
  • ListBox
  • Slider (scrollbar, trackbar, and stepper styles)
  • Draggable multi-select TreeView
  • Create your own custom widgets

Additional Features

  • File I/O
  • File system watcher
  • Memory allocation and management
  • Image loading, saving, processing
  • Package system for loading files from compressed / encrypted archives
  • Plugin system
  • Thread management
  • String manipulation (split, search, conversion, etc.)
  • Message boxes and file / folder requester
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Recommended Comments

I plan to release a pure programming SDK first, and then the visual editor. The GUI system in Ultra App Kit is what I am going to use to make the new editor.

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I got it vía kikstarter, I received a beta 4 months ago. It shows on steam (today) but is on "coming soon state", I have received steam and leadwerks key, but I don't have any download link. How do I access the official 1.0 release?


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@AndreyVK_D3DIt's definitely possible, I just chose OpenGL because I can put an example up without requiring 1000 lines of code. But any Vulkan example out there will work if you just replace the HWND with the handle from the UAK window. Same goes for DirectX.

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23 minutes ago, george68 said:


What is the difference between the Ultra App Kit and the Ultra App Kit Subscription?

Nothing except the subscription will always get the latest updates and the other will get paid updates in longer intervals. Both will get bug fix updates.

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Thank you Josh,

It seems very promising. Since you are going to develop a new visual editor with this GUI, I am wondering in which types of app this one can be useful in general.

For example, it would be nice for me to be able to develop a small database application for my job.


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