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  1. This means, you can create Dusk or Quake-1 by youself
  2. incorrect comparison, light sources are different
  3. Let's be proud. Let's get started, -wow this looks great! could it be possible to monetize pride and open a presale?
  4. if is not sarcasm then i think it because of the logic of the engine
  5. Сколько стоит разместить игру в steam? Skoilko stoet razmiyestit igru v steam
  6. sorry guys for the negativity, but there was no negativity
  7. whithout testing thats all marketing things, or slogans 10 times stronger and etc
  8. @josh give beta or alpha build branch steam users for leadwerk 4 with errors. Or demo Josh times goes on. Or release Early access on steam. involve new auditory how? I dont know
  9. nono, even in old leadwerk better side bar, i remember. Always pay attention on side bar when watch in stright
  10. Look stile https://imgur.com/a/J3xfNL6 nothing disstracting
  11. left and right brain https://www.thegreatcoursesdaily.com/solving-the-mystery-of-the-left-brain-and-right-brain-myth/
  12. Look anything disstracting?
  13. Well, was 2$ per month now $5.99 Josh started to believe in himself and raised the price
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