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Ultra App Kit 1.1 Adds Support for Cross-Platform Development




Ultra App Kit 1.1 is now available on our website and on Steam. This free update brings cross-platform development to our fast resolution-independent GUI toolkit. To download the new installers, click on your account purchases.

In addition to Windows, Mac and Linux are now supported, which means you can code once and compile everywhere to easily create cross-platform GUI applications.

Builds on Linux use minimal dependencies and will work on virtually any distro without any additional libraries to install. This effectively solves the Linux user interface problem forever and provides us with a strong foundation on which to build new game development tools that look great and run everywhere.


Ultra App Kit is gorgeous on macOS and works with both Intel-based Macs or running natively on Apple Silicon.


Along with various small bug fixes, version 1.1 adds the following new commands:

You can get the standalone version now for just $1.99 a month, or get a Steam key for $19.99. Both versions will give you support to build GUI applications for Windows, Linux, and Mac:

Updating Ultra App Kit 1.0 Projects

The move to cross-platform and ARM support only requires small changes in your existing projects. In Visual Studio, right-click on the solution name and open the Properties editor. In the Linker > Input field, change "App Kit.lib" (release configuration) and "App Kit_d.lib" (debug) both to "AppKit.lib", with no spaces.


In the release configuration, change the linker search path from "$(UltraEnginePath)\Libs\Win64" to "$(UltraEnginePath)\Library\Windows\x64\Release".

In the debug configuration, change the linker search path from "$(UltraEnginePath)\Libs\Win64" to "$(UltraEnginePath)\Library\Windows\x64\Debug".

If you are using a 32-bit build, repeat this process with the 32-bit platform selected, replacing "x64" with "x86".


New projects will be generated with correct paths for linking to the engine library.

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