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I hurt my back pretty badly last night and have been laid out. Will be back to normal tomorrow, I think.



Sorry to hear that Josh, I hope you make a speedy recovery.

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Back injuries/problems are the worse ever. During really cold days or not laying down/resting after a long day of standing or sitting my back really gives me problems. Got in an accident back in 2002-03, a guy slammed into the rear of my car while we was going around 55mph, I was at a dead stop with my turn signal on trying to turn. He was in a newish model Ford and I was in a '85 Ford Thunderbird 5.0; practically a fast light tank, lol.


He hit me so hard he broke his steering wheel due to the force. Completely totaled his car, mine suffered from a slight crushed rear-end and two broken lights. I was able to drive away and his car had to be loaded on a flat-bed.


The part I regret is that I refused to go to the hospital.


Hope you recover soon, Josh. Back pains/injuries just have to be the worse type of pain/injury to go through.

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I was getting out of my car, which is pretty low to the ground, and I decided to take the groceries with me, instead of walking around to the passenger side and picking them up. I have to sort of duck down to get out, and when I stood up, bad things happened.


This is a good lesson in torque.

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