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  1. I wasn't exactly referring to Steam as the little guy, I meant Naughty. But look at the interviews of founder of valve vs CEO of EA.. BIG difference.... Steam still actually cares about games being fun and their customer. EA could give a $@## less.
  2. You can get adobe for $49/month now, and that gives you access to ALL their products.. Almost can't bet that... I happen to get it for $29/month for the first year, so if you are already an adobe member I think you still can. Also, here is the actual creator http://www.2dguihud.com/
  3. I am with pancakes on this one. Will wait for Steam. I am all about supporting the the "little" guy.
  4. Steve. Still waiting for the download for this? I have sent your PM's and messages.....
  5. have you looked at http://kickstarter.com ?
  6. What if your using a remote client call, and have your server tell the client to close its connection? I realize you would be in effect "accepting" the connection first, but then immediately closing it with your client check function.
  7. honestly the reviews of any engine is always going to bias, and not really even worth reading in my opinion. The good or bad of any engine is dependent on what game you are even trying to make with it anyways. One might be better in FPS genre, one might be better in RPG genre, while others will be better in RTS genre. Its all from a perspective. What I use in an reivew is this. : 1. Art pipeline 2. learning curve 3. responsiveness of owner/developers That's it for me. Anything else is just opinion based on your perspective on the game genre you are doing
  8. Rick, I love your programmers art on the mouse. Made me chuckle...
  9. Yup, Sorry, had to run as Admin. status bar working fine now
  10. testing now... I have the url downloading the file. No change on the status bar during download though. (not sure how you have that setup) Win 7 x64 VS 2010 Pro + all .NET 4 updates
  11. VicToMeyeZR

    No SOPA

    People who pirate, are not perspective customers, therefore, there is NO lose in income for that product. Therefore SOPA is only about a "screw you factor" and nothing about regaining that lost income. It was never lost. More than that, it a threat against youtube, facebook, and ANY website or company that allows the public to post a comment about anything.. I applaud you Josh for taking a stand against it.
  12. and there in lies the problem with LE2...
  13. I got that, but when I run the game from a c++ compile, it doesn't load them.. well it does, but half do not work. Like the player start, the 3rd person camera, character controller, none of them load except the daylight script.
  14. My biggest problem right now, is I don't know how to access the entities I have in the editor in the code... For example, I have the playerstart in the editor, but the game doesn't load the player start, but it loads the day/night.. I think this is why I got frustrated before with LE, there is no direct tie between all the lua coding and the game when it runs..
  15. Thats the way I did it.. I will try it again though
  16. My codeblocks install just does not like the sqlite3.o file... I don't what I have setup wrong, but it just will not accept it
  17. I dunno.. maybe I will try the sqlite source from the site..
  18. mingw32-g++.exe: error: .\le\Tergus\source\dev\sqlite3\sqlite3.o: No such file or directory nope thats not it.. sometimes I hate trying to use different compilers.... It sees the file, but for some reason it thinks its not there..
  19. mingw32-g++.exe: error: .\dev\sqlite3\sqlite3.o: No such file or directory How do I tell mingw where this file is..? I have it in c:\dev\sqlite3\
  20. ok. will have to look at why code blocks isn't using the include correctly then and compile time?
  21. Im not 100% sure at this point, but that what trial and error is for.
  22. I guess you forgot to fix this? One other thing, none of the #includes work without full path names? #include "gl/glut.h" where is that file? I don't know the reference
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