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Linux Steam- Creating new project doesn't create "UltraEngine.h"?

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7 hours ago, Josh said:

UltraEngne.h is part of the program files. The Linux project will load this header from the header search paths.

The issue is its not loading it. The project says it cant. I feel like some dependency isnt installed but Im not sure which one is needed.(I did install the ones listed in the tutorial)

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    "makefile.extensionOutputFolder": "./.vscode",
    "makefile.alwaysPreConfigure": false,
    "makefile.launchConfigurations": [
            "cwd": "/home/josh/Documents/Ultra Engine",
            "binaryPath": "/home/josh/Documents/Ultra Engine/AppKit",
            "binaryArgs": []
            "cwd": "/home/josh/Desktop/beta",
            "binaryPath": "/home/josh/Desktop/beta/AppKit",
            "binaryArgs": []
            "cwd": "/home/james/Documents/Ultra Engine/Projects/GUI Application",
            "binaryPath": "/home/james/Documents/Ultra Engine/Projects/GUI Application/GUI Application_d",
            "binaryArgs": []
            "cwd": "/home/james/Documents/Ultra Engine/Projects/GUI Application",
            "binaryPath": "/home/james/Documents/Ultra Engine/Projects/GUI Application/GUI Application",
            "binaryArgs": []
    "makefile.configurations": [
            "name": "Debug",
            "makeArgs": ["CONFIGNAME=Debug","PRODUCT_SUFFIX=_d","CONFIGFLAGS=\"-g -D_DEBUG\""]
            "name": "Release",
            "makeArgs": ["CONFIGNAME=Release","CONFIGFLAGS=-O2"]
    "C_Cpp.default.configurationProvider": "ms-vscode.makefile-tools",
    "files.associations": {
        "array": "cpp",
        "atomic": "cpp",
        "bit": "cpp",
        "*.tcc": "cpp",
        "bitset": "cpp",
        "cctype": "cpp",
        "chrono": "cpp",
        "cinttypes": "cpp",
        "clocale": "cpp",
        "cmath": "cpp",
        "codecvt": "cpp",
        "complex": "cpp",
        "condition_variable": "cpp",
        "csignal": "cpp",
        "cstdarg": "cpp",
        "cstddef": "cpp",
        "cstdint": "cpp",
        "cstdio": "cpp",
        "cstdlib": "cpp",
        "cstring": "cpp",
        "ctime": "cpp",
        "cwchar": "cpp",
        "cwctype": "cpp",
        "deque": "cpp",
        "forward_list": "cpp",
        "list": "cpp",
        "map": "cpp",
        "set": "cpp",
        "unordered_map": "cpp",
        "unordered_set": "cpp",
        "vector": "cpp",
        "exception": "cpp",
        "algorithm": "cpp",
        "functional": "cpp",
        "iterator": "cpp",
        "memory": "cpp",
        "memory_resource": "cpp",
        "numeric": "cpp",
        "optional": "cpp",
        "random": "cpp",
        "ratio": "cpp",
        "string": "cpp",
        "string_view": "cpp",
        "system_error": "cpp",
        "tuple": "cpp",
        "type_traits": "cpp",
        "utility": "cpp",
        "fstream": "cpp",
        "future": "cpp",
        "initializer_list": "cpp",
        "iomanip": "cpp",
        "iosfwd": "cpp",
        "iostream": "cpp",
        "istream": "cpp",
        "limits": "cpp",
        "mutex": "cpp",
        "new": "cpp",
        "ostream": "cpp",
        "shared_mutex": "cpp",
        "sstream": "cpp",
        "stdexcept": "cpp",
        "streambuf": "cpp",
        "thread": "cpp",
        "cfenv": "cpp",
        "typeinfo": "cpp",
        "valarray": "cpp",
        "variant": "cpp"
    "C_Cpp.errorSquiggles": "Enabled"


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ULTRAENGINEPATH = /home/james/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Ultra App Kit
SRC = Source/*.cpp
FLAGS = -I/usr/include/freetype2 -I/usr/include/fontconfig -D_ULTRA_APPKIT "-I$(ULTRAENGINEPATH)/Include"
LFLAGS = -no-pie -lX11 -lpthread -lXft -lXext -lXrender -lXcursor -ldl

x64: $(SRC)
	g++ $(SRC) "$(ULTRAENGINEPATH)/Library/Linux/x64/$(CONFIGNAME)/AppKit.o" -o "$(OUT)" $(LFLAGS) $(FLAGS) $(CONFIGFLAGS)

	rm -f "$(OUT)"


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It still isn't working, unless I'm meant to clear the make cache or something afterwards. I restarted the project each time I changed the make file.

The exact error it gives btw is "cannot open source file "UltraEngine.h"". And I do see it in the program files like you mentioned, inside the include folder.

I feel like something here can easily be me not setting something up correctly, but I don't see any exact messages saying I need to install X thing, so im not quite sure what's happening.

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Something else is according to when you "build clean" it won't give an error but if you put the \ \ inside the make it ends up not being able to locate it, so I dont think it's having any issue getting to the folder

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It's actually building now, so the error seems to only be with the intellisense. I apologize for not noticing it's only an issue with the intellisense, although I dont know how I'll go about fixing that.

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Oh yeah, there is a bit of a disconnect in vs code between the IDE and the compiler. I think there is a way to specify the header search path in one of the VSCode Jason files, just for intelligence.

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