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  1. If there were to be a solution like this that's more "cross platform" or whatever, cmake would be the answer. VSCode can use cmake out of the box via terminal, but much easier with the cmaketools plugin. cmake can generate project files for IDE's: cmake .. -G"Visual Studio 10" cmake .. -G"CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles" I've personally never used this, so I have no clue how effective it is.
  2. I've found that opening up the file intellisense isn't detecting will usually solve the issue pretty quick as long as the IncludePath is set properly. If you get an issue where the #include says one of it's includes can't be opened, ctrl + click into the #include to open it up, prioritizing intellisense's parsing of that specific file. If you make structural changes of nearly any size, it can confuse the heck out of intellisense and take forever to catch up with the changes, red squiggling everything. sometimes when this happens, I ctrl+shift+p start typing intellisense, and click "rest
  3. jmf

    Linux Issues

    Hi, I'm just getting started with Ultra App Kit from steam and I'm having a number of issue on Linux that I didn't notice right away, due to not using certain commands. I've tested and troubleshooted these issue in Manjaro, Ubuntu, and openSuse, with the same results on all three platforms. 1. In the new project dialog the ... ellipse folder picker button does nothing. 2. Application menus don't seem to work, straight copy pasted from the examples on the website(aside from minor changes where environment detection was done for plugin loading). When I click one of the menu
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