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  1. Same, I don't know how VS code works as it started as a code editor and not an IDE. I can find a Appkit.o library, but nothing in other library formats.
  2. Yes, I'm in Linux and started the Ultra App in Linux with the MAKE file setting things up, these libraries were found in the VS Code solution that was converted over to a Code::Blocks solution in Linux. I think Josh might need to make new make files, each one covering a different OS. Due to the fact I posted before with Make File issues, and I had to fix the Make File to get it to run.
  3. I think their might be some assumptions when I say libraries. Below is a screen shot of the Libraries Code::Blocks lists in the Ultra App Kit Solution For some reason I can't find AppKit.lib, though have found AppKit.o The Other Libraries I have no Idea if they are needed for Linux development or even exist in Linux.
  4. So far Code::Blocks is not bad, kinda reminds me of VS 2010 when I was in school. Reason for avoiding VS Code is that Microsoft has gotten much worse over the past decade in a number of ways and I want to avoid the Spyware that they put into everything they make now a days. So I am looking at IDEs that are not MS owned and building applications with those.
  5. I don't think Code Blocks imports them correctly, as I can not back track the Library's path. So I need the List and where they are. I'm looking at setting them manually in the Code:Blocks IDE, which is also a good back up method should the Make file be corrupted, or not work with the supported Microsoft IDEs or another non-MS IDE. It'll also help if someone does something a bit dumb with their IDE or system and can't remember what they did.
  6. Hey Can I get a hand in getting Ultra App Kit to work in the Code::Blocks IDE. I've sorted out the header issues, but now stuck with the Ultra App library issues, I can see a list of Libraries, imported from the VS Solution, but it can't find them. Which ones do I need and where are they?
  7. Hey I'm trying to build a basic Ultra App in Linux in Code:Blocks, without touching VS Code, I got the headers straightened out and discovered that Flatpaks cause issues and the IDE should only be installed via the terminal. Now I've reach the point of needing to get the libraries to be right with the linker, and not quite sure where all the .lib files are or if Linux takes .lib files and or uses .o files instead. If I can get a basic project going then I can plan to use Ultra App Kit in a software project that'll be sold. For those looking at Using Code::Blocks or another IDE
  8. I had to fix the Make file as it was looking for AppKit.o and could not find it due to an extra "/" and the missing string of "debug/" or "release/" in the path. The project still has issues with UltraEngine.h in VS code. Tried using Ubuntu 20.04 since you used it hoping that it would solve any hidden reasons, and I found Ubuntu 20.04 worse in many ways in trying to get things started and configured then Zorin OS 16. I'm getting to the point where I think some manual setup instructions are needed encase the make file fails to do a proper setup while also helping in
  9. It seems after getting the Linux version (Ubuntu 20.04, no Ubuntu 18.04) issue fixed, I've run into other new problems. I started using VS Code (which was recommended by you) and I can't seem to get UltraEngine.h to be found and referenced, even when including the Include path to the SDK folder in steam by editing the c_ccp_properties.json file to get it to start looking in there. So I switched IDE to Code::Blocks and got much further along, but now having issues with it in finding X11/Xmu/WinUtil.h when I try to build the sample. Got any ideas why this is the case? Looki
  10. This may need to be included as a troubleshooting section of the reference page. I also have the UltraEngine.h problem with VS code, Now I got further in getting a sample program to run with Code::Blocks IDE but hitting an issue with X11\X11Xmu\WinUtil.h
  11. it is Not all there. Error of the UltraEngine.h in the project, in VS code is Not fixed there. IDE setup is missing things related to setting up the IDE with an Ultra App project itself. Things like this are missing from the Learn/reference guide
  12. Maybe include a "VS Studio, VS code and Code::Blocks IDE setup" section in the Learn/reference page under a new "IDE Setup" selection, so new users don't get lost and don't need to search for how to setup the IDE and Ultra App Kit so everything is as easy to get started as possible.
  13. Runs on the Ubuntu 20.04 based Zorin 16, it might be good to mention Ubuntu 20.04 in the system requirements on the steam store.
  14. Hey Josh can I get the names of the Distros you tested Ultra App Kit on, and I'll give them a try in a VM.
  15. I've run it in the Linux terminal using the command steam steam://rungameid/{YourGameID} or with the Ultra App code filled in steam steam://rungameid/1512210 and got: steam steam://rungameid/1512210 [2021-12-03 10:43:40] Startup - updater built Nov 22 2021 22:06:59 [2021-12-03 10:43:41] Loading cached metrics from disk (/home/-----/.steam/debian-installation/package/steam_client_metrics.bin) [2021-12-03 10:43:41] Using the following download hosts for Public, Realm steamglobal [2021-12-03 10:43:41] 1. https://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com, /client/, Realm 'steamgl
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