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Development Zones for large maps.


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My project is based around one very large 4096x4096 size terrain, and quite often ive wondered how i could control work flow if several different people are working on the same map file.


If a local network is not available the only option is to transfer files between the team, which not only takes a long time, but it also causes problems if two (or more) people want to edit the same map at the same time. 


My idea involves being able to set zones that can be named or numbered and possibly even locked, to restrict development to only one area of the level.


The zones could also be imported into your own version of the map file.


So if you send your map off to a team member so they can detail a certain area, you can lock all zones bar the one they will be working on. When they are finished and email you the changes, you can then import the changes from that zone only, so any changes you made in the mean time wont be lost.


This could be with a menu option, "update zone from file" or "import zone data". You then navigate to the map file and a dialog asks what zone you wish to import the data from. Which could default to a particular zone if its the only one unlocked.


I dont know how difficult such a feature would be. I'm no programmer, but to me it doesn't sound like it would be too difficult.


The set up of zones could be via a grid overlay, that you can subdivide to add more zones. The points could be moved to alter the zone shapes slightly too.


I dont know if such a feature exists in other engines, but i think it could be pretty handy for many reasons.



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