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  1. The mentally impaired and color-blind person in Borneo my well just be experimenting. Creativity becomes muted if everyone connects the dots in the same order. Tools like this encourage experimentation which I think is a good thing?
  2. Highly recommended watching this https://youtube.com/watch?v=stxVBJem3Rs

    1. mdgunn


      Yeah that's a great talk!

    2. Mr_SquarePeg


      That was an amazing talk!

  3. Many applications also natively support the substance sbsar format to allow editing of material properties.
  4. Please consider re-enabling “Mark site as read"

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Josh


      Should be in drop-down user menu now.

    3. gamecreator


      It is and it's working.  Thanks!

    4. knocks


      Fantastic, thank you!

  5. For me PBR provides a standardised consistency regardless of lightning environment. I know my assets will look similar regardless of the 3d application/engine they are being rendered in.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, this is the path ill be taking when my CS6 implodes.
  7. The beginning of the end was when Adobe purchased them , will be available through the CC
  8. I’m still using my CS6 suite but have been closely following there development
  9. I’m a believer time is better spent supporting paying customers than fighting piracy, it’s a frivolous endeavor to keep abreast of.
  10. knocks

    HTML question

    A div is normally only as wide as its container. A blind stab id try using a fixed position or css3 translates. I’d really need to have a play with it to give a correct answer. For SEO benefits you really should be looking at a responsive design.
  11. knocks

    Website Updates

    I only use craft cms. I highly recommend it for everything but forums.
  12. It's a great piece of kit but no not a modeler
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