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  1. Very cool how you have implemented this. I remember a thread we had a few years ago talking about these possibilities. Glad you were able to work through the obstacles.
  2. Does the "spring" slider joint have any dampening when the wheel is being pushed up? If it doesn't you are going to need to add another slider joint to act as a shock or you are going to have a lot of bounce. Just as in real life if your car had no shocks.
  3. tournamentdan

    Next Steps

    Josh, you should check out a open source steering and other cool things they call Smart Body. It's from a few years ago but could give you some great ideas. It's also from USC so maybe you know them. http://smartbody.ict.usc.edu
  4. I am in Puerto Rico right now away from my computer. Let me head home and I can send you several.
  5. It also means that on the content creator side(for pbr). It is about a hundred times easier to create good art.
  6. tournamentdan


    Nice. I thought they were going to keep it with lumberyard. Interesting option.
  7. tournamentdan


    I think there is, but its through their game engine.
  8. Real government currencies rise and fall every day. What do we say to the people in Greece, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela. If it's okay for these people to loose money. In a real currency. Then why is it bad for early investors that took a chance to make money. After all, if it weren't for the early investors that took a chance and believed in something way before others. Many things would not exist today. I myself dislike not being able to use bitcoin as a currency. But I think in the next two years bitcoin will be at it's top and be more stable. That's more than people in Zimbabwe can say. T
  9. Although there is a cap on how many bitcoin can exist. A bitcoin can be divisible all the way down to the 8th decimal. That's 0.00000001. So even if the whole world buys into bitcoin. There is enough to go around. But just to give you an idea on how small scale Bitoin still is. If 5 percent of the money that is currently being held in gold moves into bitcoin. That would be a $25,000. USD Bitcoin. If 5 percent of the world puts their money into Bitcoin. That would be a $500,000. USD Bitcoin. Yes I used to use my Bitcoin to purchase things. Bitcoin was created as a crypto currenc
  10. Everything in this world is worth something. I myself do not think that a bunch of splatter of paint on a canvas should amount to be worth anything. But it always seems like there is someone in this world willing to spend a lot of money on what looks like explosive diarrhea. Crypto currencies are still in their infant stages. And many are still considered speculative. Just to give you an example of a large name currently traded on the stock market. TESLA. Yep Tesla. They currently have a larger maket cap than Ford. Yet are no where near the sales of Ford. So their stock price is purely s
  11. Ahh yes the good old days of cpu and gpu mining. Yes did it back then also. It was just for fun back then
  12. Well actually even if you mine with one miner. It is profitable. You just need the newest hardware. A bitmain s9 is currently producing $34.42 USD a day gross income. So that's about $1,032. USD a month. Depending on your electricity cost will dictate your net income. For example at .11 cents a kw (for me) a single s9 miner costs $100. USD a month. Unfortunately bitmain has raised their prices up to $2,300 USD. Plus about $105 for a psu. With shipping total costs would be around $2,500 USD. So you would get a ROI in about 2.7 months. That's of course if the price of Bitcoin stays the sam
  13. @martyj What kind of miners do you have? There are people all over the world buying older equipment. Right now I have 78 of the bitmain s9. Which is a little over 1ph. I personally don't think we will ever see a $5,000 bitcoin again. But still have invested a lot of my mining proceeds into other coins.
  14. I have been into crypto currencies for the last two and a half years. I am a bitcoin miner now. Stopped working and live completely off of money made by either mining or investing into other coins.
  15. Didn't you use a geometry shader to create the instances? If so can't we just use the invocation value to identify the single instance?
  16. A couple things to remember here. If you are going to have a lot of characters moving about. You would be best suited by creating an LOD system for them. It would help out tremendously. Reducing shadow quality can help. Also, the end goal for your games fps should be around 60. Game development usually consists of building the world. Then finding ways for it to perform around 60 fps.
  17. Yes and this is where a LOD system would work great.
  18. Disable the shadows on the crawler and see what the difference is when it moves. I have mentioned this year's ago. But shadows do not need updated every frame. Josh not to long ago you mentioned that physics did not need updated as much as it was because people could not notice the difference. Same as shadows. They only need to be updated 3 to 5 times per second. Not every frame.
  19. These instructions are are from a while ago but, it gives you the basic idea and principles. http://developer.reallusion.com/whitepaper/Maya_Template/index.html
  20. I would import them on their own and then parent them to the character when needed. Sort of like a weapon to hand. Of course these cloths need to be specifically modeled for that one body type. I used to do it a little different a while ago. You can create vertex groups and parent them. Just like you do with bones. So I would model different torso. And parent the vertex group of the head to each different torso. Each vertex group for the heads and torsos need to be the same size,scale,and vertex amount. And of course you can do this for legs,hands,feet.
  21. You could have your testers record their game play then have them upload it to YouTube but have it set to private. Then they email you the link.
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