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Hi. When i'm add the fstream header to my project, i'm getting this error : 'EOF': undeclared identifier. It's happens only in leadwerk project. Why is it?

I'm trying to parse a custom file like this code:

entityDef weapon_shotgun 
    "weapon_name"               "weapon_shotgun"
    "def_projectile"            "projectile_bullet_shotgun"
    "ammoType"                  "ammo_shells"
    "ammoRequired"              "1"
    "clipSize"                  "8"
    "mtr_flashShader"           "muzzleflash"

so i can generate my entities from it.



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6 hours ago, reepblue said:

This is because EOF is conflicting with stream->EOF. What are you trying to do that the engine's stream class can't?

I'm trying to get it line by line with stop delimeter. I don't know if it exist in Stream class but simply i'm trying this..

ifstream myfile(filename);

    string item;
    string name;
    string type;

Maybe i can do some extraction after stream->ReadLine()

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