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  1. Understandable, just thought it would be nice to have.
  2. Besides your will to do so, what prevents you throwing in the Leadwerks renderer in there and replacing the current editor?
  3. I think you would need to rebuild your GUI. This is why I don't allow users to change the window size during runtime because everything revolves around how big the framebuffer is.
  4. I would really appreciate having box and strip lights in Leadwerks like you had implemented in earlier builds of the Ultra Engine. I would be fine with it being API exclusive.
  5. Upon rebuilding my project with the latest beta and updating my DLLS, I now get this pop up upon launch. I never initialized Steam. Speaking of Steamworks, can we get a version that supports Steam Input?
  6. Does this fix the other issues with the beta? If you have time to push out a new Leadwerks build, I can start making a list of things I came across with Cyclone. I stopped reporting these issues because it seemed you were really involved with the new engine for the last few years. Tonight I'll give this a go and see what else I can find.
  7. To be honest, I just request the user to restart. This prevents anything relying on the context to not break when the user changes the window mode.
  8. Find out more at http://reepsoftworks.com/cyclone/
  9. Find out more at http://reepsoftworks.com/cyclone/
  10. reepblue

    Cyclone Art Pass WIP

    Find out more at http://reepsoftworks.com/cyclone/
  11. It doesn't take a Font pointer. Make sure your parameters are a string for the path and a number for the font size.
  12. This is what I came up with in the meantime. I use 4 textures (2 diffuse, 2 emission) and the shader swaps what to draw based on the scale of the decal. I'd like to lower the texture budget, but if I can't get something better, this should be fine. #version 400 #define BFN_ENABLED 1 //Uniforms uniform vec2 buffersize; uniform vec4 materialcolorspecular; uniform samplerCube texture15; // Horizontal Textures: uniform sampler2D texture0; uniform sampler2D texture4; // Vertical Textures: uniform sampler2D texture1; uniform sampler2D texture2;// normal map //MSAA textures uniform sampler2D
  13. I ran into this problem myself. I'm trying to prevent making another texture to accommodate this so I decided to try to make a custom shader to handle this. I have rotation code that works well for my effects but it's all distorted and weird if the Z value is greater than X's. I'm hoping to get assistance with this. I was using current time to test the rotation. #version 400 #define BFN_ENABLED 1 //Uniforms uniform vec2 buffersize; uniform vec4 materialcolorspecular; uniform samplerCube texture15; uniform sampler2D texture0; uniform sampler2D texture4;// normal map //MSAA textures
  14. Make sure texture scrolling works too. I recall you implementing it a while back but I recall there being something off with it. It's been like 2 years so memory is a little fuzzy.
  15. Thanks for taking a look at this.
  16. Does a project generated by the project manager compile via the XCode project? You must be missing a macro or compile flag in your cmake file. I haven't done a test compile with my M1 so the only thing I can recommend is the project manager + XCode for now.
  17. This is also great for model "Skins". You could have one model with variations of it's texture. Really happy to see this!
  18. I was dumb enough to delete a source file for a texture and today I decided to write an app to decompile the tex file to a TGA. The old Plugin DLL file didn't work, so I pulled the PluginSDK, recompiled the plugin myself and it compiled with no issues after one commented line. Now, I'm getting an exception thrown at on the first MemReader::Read call. Here's a copy of my modded main file. #include "../SDK/MemWriter.h" #include "DLLExports.h" #include "VKFormat.h" #include <algorithm> using namespace GMFSDK; using namespace std; MemWriter* writer = nullptr; std::vector<v
  19. reepblue

    Problem here.

    Ensure the model has a shape assigned to it otherwise the collision events will not work.
  20. No, it quietly closed after hanging for 10 seconds.
  21. Is the light set to Dynamic + Buffered? Static shadows don't update so it doesn't chew up your performance and for it to grab your attention.
  22. Back in the summer of 2017, I started experimenting with the idea of a puzzle game by placing launch pads on surfaces. The first build was very sloppy, and there wasn't any wall launching at this time. This build however was the first step of the experimenting process. Only one map was ever made and I just reused old Vectronic assets. I shelved this concept until Winter of 2020 asI developed an itch to work on something and I wanted to get familiar with GIMP. This build again only had one main map along with other sample ideas but it was just another demo. Cyclone Prot
  23. There was a template that allowed you to make a console app instead of a Windowed app but it was most likely removed to remain consistent with all platforms. You can change your app type after creating a new project under Project Settings in Visual Studio. This will always pull up the cmd window.
  24. Leadwerks has a similar GUI system that of UAK. You are just limited to loading tex files and it's not DPI aware but does support some form of scaling. For example:
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