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    Vectronic is a first-person environmental puzzle game inspired other games of the same genre such as Portal, Quadrum Conundrum, and Q.U.B.E. Players must solve puzzles using special power balls that effect boxes that changes their behavior in the world. Demo: A playable demo is available on the Leadwerks Game Launcher. Play the demo within seconds! You can also get the demo in the included 7z file. This short demonstration showcases the basic elements of the game. Controls: Movement: W,A,S,D Jump: Space Crouch: Ctrl Fire Blue Ball: Left Click Fir
  2. I thought this was automatic. If not, it should be. I kind of just want to drop the video in with out prep work. Thanks. The fade functions are part of the base player code but I need to improve the functionality a bit.
  3. VR progress with basic teleporting, triggers and fading.
  4. Ported old code to work with the App Kit. Much nicer with a UI
  5. Not gonna lie, this should be included in the stock SDK or the market place. Somebody is going to be looking for this 6 months from now.
  6. View this video Description This is prototype build from March 2020. I'm not continuing this. Find out more at http://reepsoftworks.com/cyclone/  
  7. This is prototype build from March 2020. I'm not continuing this. Find out more at http://reepsoftworks.com/cyclone/
  8. This is prototype build from March 2020. Find out more at http://reepsoftworks.com/cyclone/
  9. View this video Description This is prototype build from March 2020. Find out more at http://reepsoftworks.com/cyclone/  
  10. reepblue

    Quick shot

  11. reepblue

    Very WIP

  12. Glad you figured this out, it's really cool. I'm most likely going to modify this for my cleansers.
  13. Ok, great. This is what I wanted to have to be sure about.
  14. I'm taking the the Games section will be apart of the marketplace then.
  15. I wonder if I can reformat the code to make this work for Linux. I know some System76 laptops support switchable graphics. Not sure if it is a problem with the drivers on that platform.
  16. I never had success with social media. I always saw it as evil, and here we are. I had a Twitter but stopped using it in early 2018. Fantastic. I think that's great being Leadwerks/Ultra users are always willing to check other's projects out and support them. Maybe you can get @Ghost's Concealment on there as the first paid Game. I may consider releasing my project on this store first rather than itch.io. BTW, I couldn't find an easy way to get to the game's section from the menu.
  17. I'm interested in seeing how I can improve my cyclone placement code and I was wondering if there was a way to obtain the Tangent and Bi-Normal of a surface from a world pick raytrace. The surface class only has the normal vector and the only thing I see regarding this is the vertex class which can be obtained by the surfaces vector array. This is right now a curiosity than a must have. My placement code works 90% of the time, but I was sharing ideas how this can be improved in a discord channel and this came up.
  18. When is the public release date so we can party?
  19. It doesn't compile. I think you still need msvc installed. Visual Studio is my go to for C++ but if/when this and the new engine go multiplatform, VS code should be supported. Also nice video Josh, I enjoy watching them. 🙂
  20. All dlls are loaded at start up but I don't think OpenGL is initialized until the context is created. You sadly need a context class to create a world class with Leadwerks. If you have the C++ dlc, you can look into calculating physics with the newton api directly. Not a network guy or a physics guy but that's what I got.
  21. I believe it's the second argument in Map::Load() which you set to false. This just prevents the Start function from auto calling if an entity has a script attached to it. If there is no script attached to the entity, there's no script to execute. You need atleast the Error.lua script and the GUI scripts for the app to function. As for your game, just don't attach scripts to entities.
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