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  1. ErhanK

    Bone Lenght

    Thank you but none of those 3d assets are not made by me yet. I decompile and use them temporarily for speed prototyping. They coming from cry of fear, stalker and doom 3 (enemies not seen in video). My models are still under development but it will work fine. All of these motions are animated included iron sight. Btw i have to say something here. The rifle scope seen in white, it's actually rendered by scope camera to texture and it's works fine in engine but, when i'm publish the game it's doesn't work.
  2. ErhanK

    Bone Lenght

    It's very helpful thank you. I might be find way by this?
  3. ErhanK

    Bone Lenght

    I'm just trying to make automatic ragdoll but if a bone is just a point you right. it will doesn't make sense. I thought it might have a beginning and an end like in a blender.
  4. ErhanK

    Bone Lenght

    Ah i forgot to say something thank you I'm using this method but what about a single bone or an end-hierarchy bone?
  5. ErhanK

    Bone Lenght

    Hi. Is there any way to get a bone length in a model?
  6. What if i want to render extra 3rd person character mesh that is casts only own shadows and it's not visible by main FPS camera? How i can make it?
  7. ErhanK


    I'm trying to get it line by line with stop delimeter. I don't know if it exist in Stream class but simply i'm trying this.. ifstream myfile(filename); if(myfile.is_open()) { string item; string name; string type; while(!myfile.eof()) { getline(myfile,item,'|'); getline(myfile,name,'|'); while(getline(myfile,type,'|')) { cout<<type<<endl; } getline(myfile,type,'\n'); } myfile.close(); } Maybe i can do some extraction after stream->ReadLine()
  8. ErhanK


    Hi. When i'm add the fstream header to my project, i'm getting this error : 'EOF': undeclared identifier. It's happens only in leadwerk project. Why is it? I'm trying to parse a custom file like this code: entityDef weapon_shotgun { "weapon_name" "weapon_shotgun" "def_projectile" "projectile_bullet_shotgun" "ammoType" "ammo_shells" "ammoRequired" "1" "clipSize" "8" "mtr_flashShader" "muzzleflash" } so i can generate my entities from it.
  9. So i need this : if (PickInfo.entity->GetKeyValue("GameObjectType") == "NpcBase") { //NPC_Base is my custom actor NPC_Base* tmp = dynamic_cast<NPC_Base*>(PickInfo.entity->GetActor()); tmp->DoSomething(); } and thank you so much :)
  10. I want to call the custom function in a c++ class ... I have one more question. I don't know which is better. I've created a custom actor class. This class creates an entity within itself and attaches itself to it. Should I use this, or should I create an entity, also create a custom actor and then assign that actor to that entity? I gave an example below. //Header class EnemyBaseActor : public Actor { public: EnemyBaseActor(); }; //CPP EnemyBaseActor::EnemyBaseActor(){ this->entity = Model::Load("Models/Zombie.mdl"); this->entity->SetActor(this); } OR // In
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