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  1. Hi, I rarley ever post here and I know this is blatant self promoting, but I recently finished a hardware project and thought I would share. https://amiacylon.wordpress.com/ Thanks.
  2. Now the Linux target is underway, what about other platforms? We have released apps on iOS, Android and WP8 and so far WP8 has had more than double the downloads of the other platforms. Would you consider a DirectX renderer in the near future for WP8?
  3. My level is a GTA style city and I have pre-built road/pavement models, it would take some time to re-build and texture in CSG, Is it possible to project the shadow onto a plane under the character that I could then align with my level geometry.
  4. Hi, do the new shadow maps only work on CSG? the same as the lightmapping? I can't get them to work on my models, this is a shame as I have allot of pre-modeled pieces for a level and it would take ages to try and re-create it all in CSG.
  5. So imported models will be able to cast a lightmap onto CSG but not onto other imported static models? Im looking to build a city out of a set of building/road models, would be nice if they could be lightmapped using a directional light as the sun.
  6. Hi, I am considering the upgrade before the end of April! but wondered if you can create lightmaps with a mix of imported static models/CSG yet?
  7. Hi, just tried to import a .obj but it does not show up in the assets, it copies the file into the project ok?. Importing .fbx seems to work fine.
  8. I have been quietly wathcing the progress of LE3 over the last year or so and look forward to the release, I have been making allot of apps for Andriod, iOS and Windows Phone and wondered if Windows RT/Phone 8 would be added to the targets?

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    2. ParaToxic


      Josh: Whats about the Shader pipeline for DirectX ?


    3. CopperCircle


      Would be great to have the 3 main mobile platforms, Windows RT/Mobile is growing and I get better sales due to the current smaller marketplace.

    4. ChrisMAN
  9. I need to make a simple iPhone App ASAP, anyone recommend any tools for quick development?

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    2. CopperCircle


      Thanks for the info, buzz and monkey look cool, I was always an avid Blitz user.

    3. Josh


      The iPhone can easily handle projected shadows. CSG helps with this because the math to extract a surface is fast.

    4. megigames


      heheheheh apple

  10. I need to make a simple iPhone App ASAP, anyone recommend any tools for quick development?

  11. Looks great, shame there is no way of getting the Leadwerks love on WP7, im currently writing games for that platform.
  12. Hi, I have been asked to look at a CGI script the sends an email from a html form. The issue is that it will only send the email to a mailbox on the website host server, they have thier mail forwarded by SMTP to thier own Windows SBS server but the script seems to not use the DNS to route the mail and just sends it locally? Hope that makes sense and someone may know we I meen? Thanks, I have no experience with perl....!
  13. Hi, it looks great I pressume your C# control is working with the new headers?, I am trying to write an editor for my project in C# how did you do the grid lines? Thanks.
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