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  1. Since this was a hot topic recently, I've written code to preload model files from a map and display a progress bar. Then, when you load the map, it should load much faster since you already "preloaded" the models and the ones in the map will be instances (copies) of existing ones. This is an alternative to Map::Load's hook, which may be a better way to go about this. #include "Leadwerks.h" using namespace Leadwerks; std::string mapfile = "maps/map.map"; string model_file[100]; // Stores list of model files in map Model *preload_model[100]; // Array to preload model files to in
  2. Actually it is very simple. As usual, we need to export the functions we are interested in to the Dynamic Library (DLL), and then import them into our C# program. Let's start. C++ DLL The first thing we need is to create a project in C++ for our future DLL, and of course configure it for the Leadwerks engine Configuration for Release Right-click on the project and select Property. In the window that appears, go to the tab "С/C++" / "General". Copy and Paste to a "Additional Include Directories" this: $(LeadwerksHeaderPath)\Libraries\NewtonDynamics\sdk\dgCore;$(LeadwerksH
  3. Tell me how to get a similar result, for bending fishing rods under load?
  4. khotan

    Fracture ?

    Can i create a fracture sim based with voronoi in Leadwerks that control over on vertices or edges ? is it possible ? Lua or C++?
  5. Hi. I want to load the player entity position from an object in the editor. It works very well but; I want to spawn in the center of the scene when there is no object named "info_player_start". When I remove the comment lines, it always spawns at the center of the scene. I don't understand why. Here is my code... #include "Game.h" Game::Game() { loadMap(); loadEntities(); player = new Player(playerStartPosition); } Game::~Game() { delete player; } void Game::loadMap() { std::string mapname = System::GetProperty("map", "Maps/start.map"); if (!Map::Load(mapname)) Debug::Error("Faile
  6. Hello, is it just me or are prefabs broken inside Leadwerks 3.0 ? I am not able to create any prefab that does not crash the editor and my application. My application will crash with the following error: The exception is thrown inside Prefab::Load(): Entity* entity = Prefab::Load("asd.pfb"); The Leadwerks editor crashes as soon as trying to open the prefab with ACCESS_VIOLATION. The documentation seems to be wrong too for the prefab class. I have not been able to find the "static const int NoStartCall" member inside it. I attached a prefab that is causing the er
  7. I create a collision patch for my terrain on the fly with the following code which increases the memory usage over time. Commenting out creating the shape seams to stop it. #include "App.h" using namespace Leadwerks; App::App() : window(NULL), context(NULL), world(NULL), camera(NULL) {} App::~App() { delete world; delete window; } Model* box; Camera* camera; bool wireframe = false; bool App::Start() { window = Window::Create("PolyMesh",50,50, 1024, 768); window->Show(); context = Context::Create(window); world = World::Create(); DirectionalLight* light = DirectionalLight::Cre
  8. Here is how i made it possible to call C++ from LUA. I want to build Multiplayer game in Leadwerks. But i couldn't find networking libraries and threading libraries that would make it usable in Lua. So i build a Networking client in C++ with libcurl and libpthread . But i want to still use the Lua scripting on the prefabs since a lot of work is already done for me here. And also programming in Higher level languages is just faster. I decided to use the libtolua++ libraries, since this is already build into Leadwerks. I work on Ubuntu 15.04. Here the tolua++ libs are installed with:
  9. Does any one know how to get a normal that will tell the general direction all the vertices of an object lay in? Like an average position, but as a normal... any one got any ideas?
  10. PickInfo.triangle returns -1 for me, and PickInfo.face is NULL. This is my code; Vec3 _mPos = window->GetMousePosition(); PickInfo _pickInfo; if (camera->Pick(_mPos.x, _mPos.y, _pickInfo, 0.01f, true) == true) { int _index = _pickInfo.triangle; auto _face = _pickInfo.face; } Is there a way to get this data?
  11. Is it possible to change a window between full-screen and windowed mode while it is running? Can the full-screen window be created and then set as the default, then the old window deleted? ?
  12. How can I check if the Steam Overlay is active? I can't see anything that looks relevant under the Steamworks class.
  13. I'm loading a few data files in c++ and have included these files in the publishing process (below) lod, data and strc are just binary files. lua, mat, mdl, phy, shader, tex, ttf, wav, ogg, mpd, cfg, lod, dat, strc Am I correct in saying that loading with ordinary commands like fopen_s() won't be able to access the encrypted files in data.zip? I can think of a few workarounds, like not including those files in the data.zip and adding them manually after publishing (won't be encrypted but it's not really needed for these I guess), or maybe using the internal Leadwerks file commands?
  14. I have a large world and there are heights exceeding 2000m, this quick code example shows that at a height higher than 660m the shadow disappears but interestingly the stats still say it's being drawn. Can anyone else confirm this? Is there shadow range for the world or something or is this a bug? #include "App.h" using namespace Leadwerks; App::App() : window(NULL), context(NULL), world(NULL), camera(NULL) {} App::~App() { delete world; delete window; } Model* box; Camera* camera; bool wireframe = false; bool App::Start() { window = Window::Create("Shadows",50,50, 1024, 768); windo
  15. I've started creating a large texture atlas for my terrain so that I can use more textures with less slots. The problem is the default mip-map generation creates bleeding on lower mip levels, and from what it says here, I need to create each mip-map separately and then combine them. Does anyone know of a way to manually set each mip-map level into a texture? Can I perhaps make a .dds texture with the mip-maps I want and will the editor then convert it to .tex format using those mip-maps?
  16. As well as trying out texture atlases I'm looking into textures arrays too, but am having trouble finding information on how to set it up. This is what I have so far; Material* mat = Material::Load("Materials\\terrain.mat"); Texture* texture = Texture::Load("Terrain\\beach_dirt_b.tex"); OpenGLShader* shader = (OpenGLShader*)mat->GetShader(); int _width = texture->GetWidth(), _height = texture->GetHeight(); char* buf = new char[texture->GetMipmapSize(0) * 4]; texture->GetPixels(buf); glUseProgram(shader->program); GLuint _buffer; glGenTextures(1, &_buffer); glActiv
  17. I can't seem to adjust the radius of my players character controller; physicsPivot->SetGravityMode(false); physicsPivot->SetDamping(0.0f, 0.0f); physicsPivot->SetPhysicsMode(Entity::CharacterPhysics); physicsPivot->SetCollisionType(COLLISION::PLAYER); physicsPivot->SetMass(1.0f); physicsPivot->charactercontroller->SetMaxSlope(80.0f); physicsPivot->charactercontroller->SetRadius(0.2f); float r = physicsPivot->charactercontroller->GetRadius(); The change is being detected in the variable "r" but in game there is no difference. Any suggestions?
  18. How does the PlayAnimation() time each frame? Is a speed of 1 dependent on FPS? If I have an animation that needs to run at 30 FPS, what would speed need to be?
  19. I'm aware the files will be needed in order to reproduce the problem but since they are quite large (~5GB) I wanted to first see if anyone else has come across crashes like this: Unhandled Exception at 0x00401DB1 : Fatal program exit requested I've attempted to debug the problem myself but as you'd expect with such little information it has been quite difficult. These crashes generally occur after about 10 - 15 minutes of play time either at the start or middle of a map.
  20. I use this code to create the normals for my terrain model. How would I create the Tangents and Bi-normals? I can't use the surface->UpdateTangentsAndBinormals() function, as I want the code to able to update normals for specific vertices only. How exactly do the tangents and bi-normals relate to the normal and how do they effect normal mapping? Vec3 _cPos = _getTerrainVertexPosition(x, z); Vec3 _lPos = _getTerrainVertexPosition(x - 1, z); Vec3 _rPos = _getTerrainVertexPosition(x + 1, z); Vec3 _uPos = _getTerrainVertexPosition(x, z + 1); Vec3 _dPos = _getTerrainVertexPosition(x,
  21. I'm looking at the Actor class, when does ReceiveSignal() execute?
  22. Here's my attempt so far at making my own character controller. The reason for this is because I'm using multiple gravity directions in the same world and the current controller doesn't like gravity in any direction other than down the y axis. The problem I'm having is getting the controller to stay constrained to the up axis, when you move it with speed (shift key) you'll see that it drags across the terrain and bounces around. I'm not sure how to correctly use the joints settings to stop this kind of movement. Any help is appreciated. #include "App.h" using namespace Leadwerks;
  23. Hello every one ! Today i wanted to add c++ code to object but looks to accept only lua script ?‍♂️ It is possible to add c++ into this box Or we just use c++ into app.cpp (add class but every thing is connected to the app file) ?
  24. #include "App.h" using namespace Leadwerks; App::App() : window(NULL), context(NULL), world(NULL), camera(NULL) {} App::~App() { delete world; delete window; } float jointpos = 1; bool wireframe = false; Joint* joint; Entity* parent; bool App::Start() { window = Leadwerks::Window::Create(); context = Context::Create(window); world = World::Create(); camera = Camera::Create(); camera->Move(0, 0, -4); Light* light = DirectionalLight::Create(); light->SetRotation(35, 35, 0); parent = Model::Box(); parent->SetColor(0.0, 0.0, 1.0); Entity* child = Model::Box(); child->
  25. Can this be made a smart pointer so delete doesn't have to be called? int* index = new int[1024]; Or are smart pointers only for creating things like classes?
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