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  1. Adventure, Indie Download In Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/658440/Enshrouded_World_Home_Truths/ About Enshrouded World: Enshrouded World is a vehicular combat experience that features non-linear progression and survival elements not seen in the genre until now. These features complement each other and work to build a strong relationship between player and hovercraft that must be maintained in order to survive.
  2. Just finished a large update for my script pack that makes it super easy to use. Now it's an actual project that can just be imported rather than a haphazard collection of source files. https://quiet-storm.itch.io/supreme-script-pack

    1. qcrocknet



      Is this still available somewhere?

      Thank you


  3. If you're having trouble implementing unsupported features, want to start your project right or need to take your game to the next level then the Supreme Script Pack & Supreme Map Pack are for you. These releases allow you to take full advantage of the Leadwerks engine for commercial use with no attribution required. It's time to be a cut above the rest.

  4. I'm waiting on the approval from the marketplace here however the source files for Surrogate are already available here.

  5. I'm considering selling Surrogate as a template Leadwerks project to users on the marketplace here so would anyone be interested?

    1. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther

      Maybe if its Lua

    2. brndx


      It's all written in lua

    1. Josh


      I'm very proud of you. I think in time you will benefit greatly from this experience.

    2. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther

      Brutally honest review of your experience of making your first game. I know it seems like you have invested a lot of time into this game and received little ( money / fame) in return. The fact is you learn a lot as you go along. You mention that you did the voices for the game. I assume you also did some modelling, some art work and the programming. All these take time to learn to do well. This knowledge you still have and can be used in your next project.

       Some very famous people were unsuccessful at their first attempts. One person who didn't speak until he was 4 years old, failed his entrance  exam into poly tech and took a job as an insurance salesman to make ends meet. His name- Albert Einstein.

      So chin up, dust yourself off and on with your next project.

  6. The final updated release of the best Leadwerks game with countless bug fixes, new optimization & polish as well as many extra features. 



  7. Lua. I'm also compiling it with the large address aware linker option. Strangely enough on a Liquidsky PC with 6GB of ram the game uses less ram and doesn't crash at all. When releasing the map the ram usage drops to 210mb consistently while on my laptop with 8GB ram the usage will first drop to 290mb and rise to about 700mb before plateauing. So when it gets to 700mb once it loads the map the ram usage is 1.2GB. On the Liquidsky PC the ram usage never exceeds 550mb.
  8. I'm aware the files will be needed in order to reproduce the problem but since they are quite large (~5GB) I wanted to first see if anyone else has come across crashes like this: Unhandled Exception at 0x00401DB1 : Fatal program exit requested I've attempted to debug the problem myself but as you'd expect with such little information it has been quite difficult. These crashes generally occur after about 10 - 15 minutes of play time either at the start or middle of a map.
  9. if tostring(self.entity:GetKeyValue("name")) == "Suspension0" then
  10. Enshrouded World: Home Truths v1.1.3 is available with the following changes: 

    * Revised script
    * New voice cast
    * Multiple vehicles
    * Upgrade system
    * New enemy types
    * HUD indicator messages / hints
    * Optimization
    * Hovercraft mouse look controls fixed
    * Shader issues with Nvidia cards fixed
    * Vehicle handling fixed
    * Subtle changes that improve the general experience

    This will be the last major update I'll be bringing to the game as I've already spent far too much time with it.

    1. Josh


      Great work.

  11. The review was not written because of some knee jerk response rather it was the result of my four years of experience with the engine and the disappointment from players regarding the lack of certain common features such as pausing a game when focus on the game window is lost.
  12. It turns out this also occurs if models or textures are loaded from an archive file and if the method is called in the start function.
  13. It's discrete (FirePro M6000).
  14. I discovered that if the SetTerrainQuality method is called outside of the app start function or if sound files are placed in an archive when loading a new map the ram usage will increase to more than double its usual amount before terminating with a "failed to set shadowmap texture" or "gl_framebuffer_incomplete_attachment" so I've had to remove the terrain option from my settings and keep the sound files unprotected making them accessible to anyone.
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