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  1. Ok, so I did some more digging. It does not seem like the faceme.lua is the problem. But within the firepit.lua in conjuction with the spritesheet.shader that is used with the fire material that is included. If I use only the firepit.lua I get the double camera problem. So I guess that this shader cannot run well under VR only. I know nothing about shaders honestly. So if someone has an idea on how to fix this (or unless it's an issue with Leadwerks + VR), it would be greatly appreciated.🙂 Thank you
  2. Ok, found the issue. Well by hiding my candle fire prefabs (based on the firepit lua scripts), it seems that the scripts were still being executed (my bad). So after removing the firepitcontrol.lua and faceme.lua from my candle lights (4 total running) prefabs I had in my scene, everything is fine in VR. Good! But I will need to see why one of those scripts seems to duplicates/de-sync the camera in VR. My guess it's something in the faceme.lua script that causes the issue in VR (and not in FPS): function Script:Start() --self.entity:SetParent(nil) end function Script:Updat
  3. Humm... that's a good point. It does seems like there is 2 cameras now that you mention it. Althought I do not see any extra camera in my scene. I will double check. Thank you @Josh
  4. Like I mentioned, if I use the default VR Template (without any of my own models, ect..), the display is fine. In my project I did the following without any success: - I disabled Sync - I made sure I did not have any post processing. - I hide all my candle light flames (which uses the spritesheet shader) - I am not using any other shaders also. So, what I will end up doing is recreate my project from scratch with the VR template instead. Not what I really wanted to do. Hopefully it will work better this time. Thank you
  5. Hello, I am having a weird issue with VR in Leadwerks 4.6. I started a new project using the FPS template, to set up a scene to be able to pre-test it in FPS before in VR. So when I was ready to test it in VR, I changed the fps lua script for the player to the vr lua script. And also switch the main.lua from FPS to the main.lua found in the VR template. Then when I ran it in VR (works OK in FPS mode) the synching is all weird in my headset, and also in the debug window. Video example here: https://youtu.be/8skcB_wn3yU Debug window shot here: So am
  6. Ah! Ok good to know. Thank you very much. 🙂
  7. Hello, First, I am very new to Leadwerks and very impressed with the functionnalities and quality of this engine. I bought the professional version mainly for VR purposes. While experimenting with the VR demo project I wanted to have some text shown after I clicked the trigger button (added in the VRPlayer.lua), but nothing is showing. I used the same code in FPSPlayer and it does show. Am I doing something wrong? if VR:GetControllerButtonHit(VR.Left + n, VR.TriggerButton)==true then context:SetFont(self.font) context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) context:SetColor(1,0.1,0.1)
  8. Very interesting! I am new to Leadwerks and have I started a VR project with it. So far very satisfied. But is the above project available somewhere? I am really interesting in the point and select of button your doing. Or is there a tutorial somewhere for this? Thank you and great work
  9. I found out how by myself by using the Firepit as an example. 🙂 Thanks
  10. This is really impressive! Does this script or whatever is needed to recreated the candle effect, available somewhere? Can I buy it / download it? Or is there a quick tutorial on how to achieve this superb effect? Thank you very much in advance.
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