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Model loading and Posteffects


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I decided to go ahead and just make two videos showing you this as it happens. 

First, Posteffects, one or two of them load fine in the editor. The others just go black. None of them whatsoever work in Run mode, I even tried loading them with code. Just get app freezes.

Next is Skecthfab or gltf, glb models in general.  I cannot load a single one of them. I have tried about 15 different models across the internet and everyone of them lock up my game when I hit f5.  Only way I can get any models to not lock up my run mode is to convert the fbx with leadwerks and import the mdl files.

Hope this help ya some, I sure want it to be working. :)


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Just add to this Josh, and hopefully this helps you in some way, ALL the mats in the Materials/Developers folder freeze the app on RUN as well but for one, the Grid01.mat does not hinder anything, all the others will apply just fine in the editor but pressing f5 the screen locks up as in the prior videos. Once I remove those materials then f5 works just fine.


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