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Question bout LUA


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It's right under the LE directory that you installed.


The thing to remember is that all the languages you can use with LE can do everything LE provides. LUA is slower but allows for realtime editing where you can see the change you make instantly. C++ is faster but you have to go through a compiling step. So if you were using C++ to position something just perfectly, it would take you way longer to change code, recompile until you get it right. If you are using LUA it would all be instant and would take no time at all.


The trade off is that when using lua, you might lose some frames per second depending on what you have lua doing. If it's running heavy logic it will slow your game down. You can, however, mix your C++ classes with lua so you can have C++ doing the heavy lifting so that part is faster. This would however take some experience and most likely drive you insane after some time :)

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