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  1. Drawing character's normal map texture as the x-ray visual. Having to render an extra world since depth cannot be grabbed from context.
  2. slimwaffle - is this resolved or are you still having issues getting a terrain to deform? If so, post your example so we can try to replicate the issue. It's called being friendly. - macklebee
  3. The advice that was given was that models can be converted to other formats and ways to do conversions when my only concern was that I didn't want to waste time doing conversions? Like I said, Josh answered my question from his very first reply - it was all good from there. And actually that "couple of years" is over 15 years closer to 20, but just as tinkerer/hobbyist, but thanks for being a arrogant, *******, ******, ***************.about your credentials. Glad to have you here. Artists of your experience and skill level are few and far between around these parts as most do not want to
  4. Sorry to hear that you had issues when you updated to the beta. It was my understanding that the first time that you installed Leadwerks that it should have installed all the files you needed, including the VC++ redistributable? So I am surprised this is the first that this has come up since you have been using LE for some time now. Did you perhaps delete and re-install LE recently? If so, maybe the redistributable did not install properly during that time? This does apparently happen from time to time according to the posts I see on the Steam forum. As for the screen issues, hopefully Jo
  5. Thanks - I didn't know what the word "batch" meant! jeebus... That's fine and dandy - and if it comes to it, it's definitely something that i will try even though I think I would look for some commandline batch converter instead of trying to load thousands of assets into a blender scene. And speaking of key words, you are missing the key point repeated in all my posts: The only concern was having to spend a lot of time converting assets that currently work in LE to another format to work in the newer version of LE - not that I didn't know how to do conversions. And Josh answered exactl
  6. Or you know, I don't have to do anything because Josh is for the time being supporting other formats... and honestly, that doesn't sound very feasible at all. Trying to navigate a scene with hundreds or thousands of models to determine what to export, not to mention it doesn't sound very practical from a memory / file size standpoint, but to each his own. Still it would be time consuming endeavor to setup which was why I asked Josh about supporting other formats and he said he was going to...
  7. Yeah, man I know that you can convert models from one format to the other. I get it. I've done it. I will do it again in the future. The angst is not wanting to spend the enormous amount of time trying to convert a decades worth of files over to this format, if Josh decided to only support this format. Since Josh has stated he will be supporting other formats at least for the time being, I am satisfied. As it stands right now, essentially 90% of my assets are automatically accepted by LE by just simply starting the editor - that alone is an enormous benefit to any user.
  8. jeez dude... i hope they are paying you for this... I get it - you are a fan of this new format. The conversation was directed at Josh and he answered exactly what I wanted to hear. It's all good. We are both getting what we want.
  9. ooph - you don't have the source! that blows donkeys. Great that you are looking into new and exciting things - no complaints here about that. I just wasn't looking forward to having a decades worth of a models and textures asset catalog basically become useless in LE unless I convert it over to this gtfo format.
  10. Just as long as you keep some other format import options available other than this random GTFO format that until posted here most of us have never heard of - including yourself.
  11. hmmm. This still seems to be saving the same way as the Editor does where it overwrites the existing mipmaps. I am not seeing a difference when viewing with the above program. The second mipmap should look like this:
  12. Just a quick and dirty script to view the mipmaps saved inside a TEX file: window = Window:Create("texture detail example",0,0,800,600,Window.Titlebar+Window.Center) context = Context:Create(window) world = World:Create() camera = Camera:Create() tex = Texture:Load("Materials/beach_dirt_b.tex") mips = tex:CountMipmaps() while window:KeyDown(Key.Escape)==false do if window:Closed() then break end Time:Update() world:Update() world:Render() context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) for i = 0, mips-1 do Texture:SetDetail(i+1) if i <= 4 then context:DrawImage(tex,155*i,150,150,15
  13. I wonder if its due to the default settings for the editor when converting an image to TEX that it automatically saves it as DXT1 and with the 'Generate Mipmaps' option selected? Is it overwriting your mipmaps because of this? These have always been settings i wish we had control over instead of them just being hard-written as the defaults.
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