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Audio position are wrong in surround sound speaker (7.1)

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1)Create new project

2)Open "07-AI and Events" map

3)Go to the truck , and pick up the box

4)Drop the box in front of you and the sound played at the rear speaker.

5)Try to pickup the box again and drop it again, but at the same time turn your back to the falling box really fast. The sound will be played at the front speaker.

Basically the front and rear speaker are backwards for leadwerks game. Does not happen to other games.


Sound blaster XFi and 7.1 surround speaker


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Playing leadwerks in surround sound setup is amazing. I can hear bullet ricochet and everything clearly. But the whole backwards thing kinda ruined it.

I just tested Quake 4 with openal. Everything seems fine with Quake4

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Nice! But I hope you dont waste your money. I have Logitech G35 headset which suppose to be great (7.1 surround). It is not actually 7.1 speaker, it is 2.1 and upmix to 7.1 via logitech software.

The surround positioning for this headset is poor compare to actual 7.1 speakers, Kinda hard to differentiate audio position from bullet ricochet or anything.

To be honest, kinda strange that I'm the only one reporting this bug. Does anybody here play leadwerks with surround speakers ?

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