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River Nodes / Editor

Andy Gilbert

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After recently playing around with the water plane i found it impossible to get the effect that i imagined.


And after a short discussion with josh it seems he already has ideas and thoughts about a river editor similer to the road editor, which is also like cryteks editor! :lol:


I look forward to it! ;)




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With the refraction resource I posted and the road script, someone in the community should be able to come up with a river editor fairly easily.

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I had a look at the river editor in my demo of Torque 3D yesterday, quite impressive.

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They simply use nodes and a refractive material.

Seems a lot like roads. Is it so difficult to enhance the road script to a basic river tool?



1. Use refractive material instead of road material

2. Scrolling texture



3. Underwater effect, including all settings which can be made to waterplane (fog,etc..)

4. Ability to change scrolling speed/direction and refraction map (normalmap)

5. Physics consideration


That' it. Sounds easy for the .lua professionals here. :D


If someone makes it, I'll throw in some nice water textures/normalmaps I did for Crysis custom river stuff

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