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  1. Thanks Macklebee I'll give those a try. And I agree with Rick! Even just a script with the bare minimum of code to allow a working vehicle would be nice. That way, it would be easy to change things out if you are a beginner to this area, like I am.
  2. I've being trying to get my car drivable inside of LE today. I have exported the body on its own, then 1 left, and right wheel as seperate meshes too. I have then copied over the driving script for ingame and also the "vehicle viperscout" script and changed the model names to match mine. I am using "vehicle" at the beginning of each mesh name also. When I try to run the driver script to drive around in-editor, I get the error: If I drag out my car body model into the scene I get the three following errors: followed by: then: The mesh still loads in fine though. Is anyone a
  3. I love how clean the root directory is compared to the current engines root directory.
  4. Have you tried using alt+enter when your app is running? Not sure if that works though without some type of code. It's worth a try though!
  5. Just for reference if anyone comes to this post wondering what I meant... I made an image showing what I discussed a few posts above about using a mesh with interior + exterior walls. It shows how using just a single sided mesh doesnt cast the shadows properly with windows, but the mesh with 3d walls and windows does. This is using a directional light.
  6. I only get light leaking through if the mesh is single sided. Or do you mean its just coming through the edges of the rooms? If your mesh is a "full" model like the guardhouse, with interior and exterior walls, then then the light should only shine through the windows and doorways.
  7. I think it's a combination of both 3d model detail and parallax mapping. This is how it appears to be done.
  8. When I can't be bothered to sort out music files for GTA, I set up a playlist in windows media player, then open up GTA IV, turn off the radio and listen to my own songs that way! Saves all the issues with DRM stuff too with purchased songs from itunes! Nice GUI.
  9. Oh I was just thinking to myself "I played Justine months ago!" But I see that the article is old! I didn't do anything for halloween, it's not very big in the UK, we only got 3 sets of young kids come to the house.
  10. Ugh yeah, that scaling feature was annoying xD I believe it was something to do with Newton, and the physics bodies not scaling with the model?
  11. I think Cassius means that wrist watches weren't around back then, not the noise it made.
  12. Really cool! I wont be needing sound for a while , otherwise I would have used your friend!
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