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  1. Just a few thoughts that may or may not help; Shouldn't it be; roadModel:UpdateAABB(Entity.LocalAABB | Entity.GlobalAABB) Unless LUA is different to C++ in this aspect... I see it's commented out here though.. Does surface:Update() update the vertex normals? I'm not sure if that's needed to create a polymesh though... Only other thing I can think if is too make sure the vertices aren't too close together? I recall something ages ago where this caused a null polymesh for me.
  2. This should probably outside your loop as well. It won't effect render performance but it will generate the mesh faster as updateAABB() I think loops through all vertices in the model and finds the extents of the mesh for the AABB.
  3. I don't even know what the f*** is going on Whats all that about ?
  4. I wonder why it hasn't done well here, not as much traffic as Kickstarter?
  5. You need to add the force to the entity in the update world loop.
  6. You can turn off world gravity and use addforce() per physics object. But it wont work with the character controller, which is sad.
  7. What's the size needed for the blog banner image?  I want to render one at the exact size.


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    2. Lethal Raptor Games
    3. Josh


      I mean that I have no idea, but if you really want to find out that is where the information will be.

    4. Lethal Raptor Games
  8. The Seventh World Lately I have been hard at work implementing all the basic classes in Leadwerks 5. My aim is to get the game playable by the end of the year. Once I've achieved that I'll slowly hack away at bugs and visual quality before release. These are what are planned for the first release; Menus Main Pause Gravity Multiple Sources Edge of the World Foliage Pine Tree Fern Berry Bush Animals Deer Wolf Rabbit
  9. For me, I'll never look back at LE4. It's super fast. Can handle so much more scene complexity. Actually I'm under the impression that it will be more documented and supported than LE4. There's a few new things to learn with shared pointers, and the fact the engine is multithreaded. But overall it's pretty rad. For the shader side of things it's not hard to grasp. I'm actually 80% through a node editor for shader development in LE5 which will make it even easier.
  10. I've been working with Leadwerks 5 shaders and while LE4 shaders will need converting, the process shouldnt be too hard. Depends on how complex the shader is.
  11. I'm interested in getting this to work on a small outdoor scene. Are voxels automatically calculated when we load a model? And does it only work with point lights at the moment?
  12. I used to be sad when I got below 60 FPS, now I'm sad when I get below 1,000. #Aiming high

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    2. Marcousik


      ok Cool... I think I would get it if it would be sold for a one-pay-for-ever price 

    3. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      I think it will be.  It's worth it.

    4. Marcousik


      hopefully soon, let 's see what Josh says ;)


  13. I think what I ended up doing was adding another surface to my model in which I added 2 vertices not linked to a triangle. I placed one vertex at the location that I wanted for the AABB's min position and the other vertex at the location that I wanted for the AABB's max position. Then I called Model::UpdateAABB(). I have a feeling this worked but can't be sure. Another option might be to disable culling; SetOcclusionCullingMode(false, true); I'm not even sure if that's the right command. It's been a while since I used LE4.
  14. I think this is because the bounding box of the original entity does not include the instance you made in the geometry shader. I recall having the same issue a while back. I can't remember if the bounding boxes in LE4 can be manually adjusted or not...
  15. Welcome. Would love to see how it works out.
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