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  1. Also, I have no idea why it keeps throwing the last image at the end of the post after I have removed it like 3 times now..
  2. Some more cool stuff - the first item is TerreSculptor, it's a free terrain editor http://www.demenzunmedia.com/home/support/ the second item can be used with it. To get terrain maps https://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/ you have to sign up for it, but it's free, you set points on any part of the map and it will let you download a terrain map for it. After selecting the area that you want to grab for your terrain You have to click on the "datasets" button and it gives you a list of download options, if you want to use it for TerreSculptor the dataset that you select will be unde
  3. Thanks, the 2920X Gen/Rev 2 threadripper gets toasty at max load on all cores though with a liquid cooler ...so I don't do very intensive tasks ..afraid to fry a nearly $700 CPU ...example I did a blender render test earlier today ...all 12 cores maxed out at 100% @ 3.5ghz and it reached 173F(78C) .. bright side though the render was 2min and 28sec ...not exactly sure if the temps are reporting properly ..the Core Temp tool seems to be the best ..but thats where I monitored the 78C temps from though ..so still not sure.. This is the case I have https://www.newegg.com/gunmetal-fract
  4. going all out with that build ? Does that case have a clear side panel? ..it makes things fancier..lol
  5. @TWahl please respond to my message I sent you related to these sci-fi textures, thanks ?
  6. https://www.cosmigo.com/ pixel art and animation tool there is a free version and a paid version.
  7. What happens when you lower the settings on the amount of particles?
  8. Whats the status on this? Pretty much all other game engines are 64bit now.. One of them has an MIT license and open source
  9. Yeah I was just wondering because I made a simple scene with just a box and a particle emitter and my whole PC started lagging, debug mode is 20fps..ish ..my PC specs are below, so wondering why it's sluggish and lagging with just adding 1 thing in the scene. get like 60fps though using the normal run button. I set my fire up like yours, all the settings.
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