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  1. WIP just a small app for leadwerk 2.5 tools.
  2. Hi, I have been watching as the updates that have been posted on the new LeadWerks 3.1 engine and I have to say that I'm impressed with how well things are going with it things are looking good from where I set, but I do have two questions: 1. The graphics: I have seen all of the screenshots that have been posted and they are looking good, however, it's not as good as a hands on of the editor itself. Are there any gaming engines out there that you can point out to show and give some ideas of what we can expect from the new OpenGL 4.0 render engine? 2 The cost to the user: Has ther
  3. I would say go with the prefad, any time you use multiples of an object as in trees, rocks, box and so on its best to make it a prefab.
  4. waspzxz

    Leadwerks 3.1

    Thank you for the update Josh.
  5. Try this link you might find what you're looking for.
  6. Hey Roland all you need to do is install Ubuntu on a separate HD. and when you want to boot in to it just go in to your BIOS and set the HD with Ubuntu as the boot priority and it will work just fine. and the same for when you want to use Windows. I found trying to do a dual boot on the same HD mad alot of trouble for me so now I run windows on one HD and Ubuntu on the other and no need for a switch just select the HD in (BIOS) that you want to boot up and all is good.
  7. Nice work Andy! and I like working with BSP my self I think it makes the work so much faster and and I have seen some really nice maps done in BSP. I see were you are going with this keep it up man you have the start of something good there.
  8. Really ? man I looked but did not see were to do this if you find the time can post a pic tell me by text thanks.
  9. yeah I use blender a lot and love it, I was just pointing out that the ground work for a really powerful BSP tool set was there and just wanted to see if the were any plans to upgrade them and it looks as if there are but just not now.
  10. Thanks Josh and gamecreator for your reply. I agree with you Josh when you say it's one of the coolest aspect of leadwerks 3 that's one of the things that got me to looking at leadwerks 3 and I fully understand about the need to focus Linux support and OpenGL4 I was just putting this out there for food for thought thanks.
  11. Hey I was just doing some testing with the BSP brushes in the editor to see what is available in the tools. even though I was able to build what you see in the pics I was limited to what i could do and these models would not run good in game there was to much overlapping going not good. I want to know are there any plans to update the tools to bring them to the level of Valve SDK . Such as 1. Texture scaling, texture shifting, and texture rotation. 2. Poly face edit. 3. vertices and edge selection. I know that ppl say there really is no need in it BSP brushes are for base
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