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  1. im exited to see how this is going to be solved
  2. and here i reimported again the fbx object inside Game-guru engine i get the correct result, no flipped edges !!!
  3. my 3D objects computer.obj computer.FBX
  4. we REALLY need THIS problem be solved !!!! and THIS problem come from Leadwerks engine, not from my 3d model ! here my model in 3ds max 2017
  5. and here the same fbx under Game-guru engine
  6. So i spent a full day in leadwerks engine, with tons of errors with fbx import, edges turned visible, model clean in 3ds max, i hidded those edges still same problem. edges appears in leadwerks !!!! i exported in fbx , tested version from 2009 to fbx 2017 version, nothing change SO i used the same fbx on others engine, also inside Game-Guru.... and you know what??? My fbx object is CLEAN!!! no turned edge ! this is my result under leadwerks
  7. When i impor tmy file in fbx from 3ds max to leadwerks i get some erros, in 3ds max the object is clean !! in other engine exported in .X format the object works perfectly with FBX i get this result, hidden edges from a bolean opération are visibles !!!! this doesnt happens in obj, or .x files but with fbx it sucks !!! it is a solution??? can i import in another format than fbx?????
  8. i have the same problems with fbx when imported, tobject is black so i have to add one by one by hand....
  9. here a screenshot of my fbx file with the textures
  10. NO i rename the files FIRST, in the folder THEN i import the fbx in leadwerks !!! i know if i import the fbx and rename the files after, leadwerks is not going to understand thats logic!
  11. so when i importh my fbx from 3ds max i get this .... and after i have to redo all the procees of importing the textures, and convert everything to mat, and then reapply to the object but what if i have 200 or 300 objects??? the amount of work is horrible !
  12. well i do this, in 3ds max i make a 3d model, then apply uvw and textures, i save everything, i rename the files for leadwerks. then i drag and drop the fbx inside leadwerks and thats the result i get, something empty, i have to redo all the texture import myself. and in the properties of the object i have to chose what map to use for diffuse, bump and specular but at teh moment i try and try again, i started at 9 this morning still the same problem, here its now 13h35
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