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Status Updates posted by MilitaryG

  1. I think LE is enough user friendly for me to switch in time, first alternative engine that at least basics were satisfied. getting ready to format my PC and get permenantly rid of windows.

  2. Leadwerks engine come out, come out wherever you are, ...

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    2. MilitaryG


      don't know who's worst me or you, ... @Shadoh

    3. Josh


      Thursday or Friday! Watch some movies or something before then.

    4. Olby


      Friday is like ages from now, ufff :((

  3. Today I just made a big cage for my mouses. Frame and Plexi glass is done tomorrow I have to attach floor and some specials on top.

  4. it's hard to w8 to get LeadWerks Engine.

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    2. MilitaryG


      can you give me 1 little game with only gui?


      that's what I will be porting to LeadWerks first, my GUI3D

    3. DudeAwesome


      see download section. i´m not @ home ;)

    4. Josh


      Very soon...

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