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  1. I do care about it when I'm starting to build not when I start to learn the beginnings ______ I'm doing this with monodevelop and I managed to include Leadwerks.h by copying whole include that's from Leadwerks install dir in to GAC(The Global Assembly cache) and had to do: #include "Include/Leadwerks.h" BUT 1 problem it seems includes does not have all of it's own includes. Include/OpenGL.h line 28 GL/glew.h but GL dir does not exist and so does not glew.h now what? I thought I managed to solve it but I guess I didn't, ...
  2. ok is there anything I should include? and can we get a little bit slower I don't really care if it global and very little as I'm just starting. and something little and simple would do. ok let me show the errors only of the 1. class: 4. ‘Entity’ does not name a type 6. expected ‘)’ before ‘*’ token 7. ‘Entity’ has not been declared 9. ‘Camera’ has not been declared 10. ‘Camera’ has not been declared or am I doing something wrong?
  3. yes I do understand c++ needs to be compiled and all, but still how would I do that? a simple functional code function Script:Start() self.entity:SetPosition (10,10,10) end would do to get me started. truthfully the more I learn lua the less I like it.
  4. and how do I help my self with that? attaching lua script to object is like this: http://snag.gy/i78BZ.jpg and how would that page help me do that for c++?
  5. I've learned how to add / create lua scripts to object what about c++? how should I procide for c++ scripts to be run on objects?
  6. he he yea it seems it is copy of your answer was googling for it but couldn't find.
  7. I really had to move away from other distros and went to fork, still had problems BUT at least it's solved now http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=175607&p=909364#p909364
  8. I'm wandering if there's a possibility to make white on black scripting? if not can it be implemented please.
  9. ok I installed leadwerks and in top view or any other if I right click it throws me out Segmentation fault if I make cube and right click it it throws me out: --: command not found it's little annoying trying to learn if everithing that is not how I should do with engine it just crashes. also using Linux mint 17 - xfce witch is fork of Ubuntu. ugh IF I press file it crashes *** Error in `./Leadwerks': free(): invalid pointer: 0x0bf701c8 *** Aborted I think there's some dependency I'm missing, ... witch was not included in the install.sh
  10. Yes I did find this packages in the .sh file but biggest problem is: Pacman does not have those kind of packages.
  11. MilitaryG

    other distros.

    Hi I know it's only ubuntu supported and I did read that installing gimp would install most packages for me on other distros. I've been trying and learning stuff about linux I've never set foot on and I didn't manage to work it on 64bit manjaro. Did anyone else managed making it work under any other distro and is willing to help me? Thanks in advance.
  12. I do love open world, but I don't like too much following the arrow thingy, ... Skyrim is not an RPG but looks like 1. Fallout 3 is kinda same as Skyrim but is RPG iirc. Also this 2 don't have hidden weapons/armor. You get them by lvling, ... not by searching and it's a BIG difference. in morrowind you have to search to find stuff you want or need. you have to read and world around you changes upon your actions, and there are multiple actions available not just 2 like in skyrim or 1 in oblivion. you can kill friendly gods if you desire so. you can kill your own guild master if yo
  13. I think LE is enough user friendly for me to switch in time, first alternative engine that at least basics were satisfied. getting ready to format my PC and get permenantly rid of windows.

  14. I kinda agree with you I do have an allergy on AAA Wellll actually DooM 1, 2 is just a shooter but much more game play than in any CoD much more fun to play too. good games: doom, 1, 2, 3 System shock 2 lemings Unreal Tournament (99) Duke Nukem 3D wolfenstein 3D return to castle wolfenstein disciples 1, 2 heroes of might and magic 3, 4 quake 1, 2 blood 1 bad quality games ugh this is allot: fallout 3 oblivion skyrim Heroes of might and magic 5 disciples 3 CoD 1, 2, 3, don't know for later ones, ... Dungeon keeper 1, 2 Unreal tournament (3,4) Quake arena and lat
  15. hmmmm, ... I tried to reproduce the bug but seems that my 1. steps don't work any more or I might even skip few, ... anyway my dad said he had weird issues with ATI drivers with some games after switching to Nvidia that he needed to complettely format PC. that could also be the issue that I experienced this weird behavior, ...
  16. ok this is weird, ..... My LE just crashed so I had to restart and I didn't change anything and now it works, I mean I can see the box if I run now, ...
  17. WTH how can you fly around? there's no scripts for camera or whatso ever, ... I meant I do see box in editor but I don't see it when I run the game, ...
  18. ha ha ok I made duplicate because I didn't know how else to attach file - map as you groove suggested, ...
  19. Ok I've made a simple box lightning and camera to observe this all I get is black. I went looking at different projects how it's done, ... But I saw no mayor difference between my camera AND camera in that working scene, ... and I'm pretty sure it's looking at the box, ... what am I missing? - sorry for making duplicate didn't find how to attach a file on edit, ... Learning1.zip
  20. Actually from the editor. I'm learning to get used to engine and seems that I'm failing at basics, ... all I did is: add a camera Seems there has to be more to it witch I cannot find what else.
  21. Ok I've made a simple box lightning and camera to observe this all I get is black. I went looking at different projects how it's done, ... But I saw no mayor difference between my camera AND camera in that working scene, ... what am I missing?
  22. This are the not updated render this is the good render field 160
  23. people that want better graphics only think graphics is involved with gameplay. in other words better == better. So most people thing if something is very high graphics in their eyes they thing they will get more gameplay as well as there was put allot of money in there, ... But they always get slapped in the face. hey I'm hardcore gamer and do you know why I'm here, ... Cuz I'm sick and tiered pleading for simple stuff to be made to improve gameplay. When I started programming, making gameplay better it's impossible hard to write 3 more liines. that much lazy they are.
  24. I always say this kind of graphics is very good for making movies, not for games, ... For games graphics good as in Duke Nukem 3D is good enough, ... what matters most for games is only gameplay.
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