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  1. I'm sorry but that's just wrong. You can do this ever since 2.71 ( current stable is 2.76 ) Baking in general can be a hazzle to set up, this addon (no affiliation) https://cgcookiemarkets.com/all-products/baketool/ Makes it a breeze - I know a lot of people dont like the idea of paying for addons to free software, but unless your time is worthless it paying for it self
  2. Do check your mail Josh

    1. Josh


      Not as often as I should.

  3. Bttzz.. wrong answer - only Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with UNITY desktop is supported. In time you will learn for your self - for now you just another "forum hero" on my ignore list
  4. To parapharase; "There are people getting shot in africa every day - you getting run over is not an issue..." Honestly I do not care how many ****ty ports you are running, the editor is a a state currently where it is almost but not quite usable. Worse it's impossible for the users to trust a software that will randomly lock up or corrupt the screen to the point were you have to close and just hope the your recent edits are saved.
  5. While he is annoying he has a point. Using the Linux editor is like using your TV remote with oven mitts on -your are technically using your TV but would it not be nice to actually be in charge of what your watching? If you not yet realised this then you will once your usage have become a bit more advanced
  6. If this is on linux what your seeing is to be expected, the bug will hopefully be fixed in the not too distant future
  7. Guppy

    GFWL :/

    Unfortunately this is the joy of DRM - you are entirely at the mercy of the provider to continue to support the product. I've no doubt that there will be a hack out soon that will allow you to at least play the game, but I believe that save game progress was stored server side? if so then that's lost
  8. oly the first two screenshots seem to be chaning?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. beo6


      So my workshop item is always last? :/

    3. xtom


      that looks like a cool camera script, good for cutscenes

    4. beo6
  9. if your moving the camera just 1 px I'd not worry about parallax - more likely rounding errors may mean you end up with 9 identical images. Another solution could be to move the camera closer and do X seperate frames that each fit inside the original view cone - if that makes sense.
  10. I don't see why your messing with camera projection and stitching ( unless you want to make panoramas ofcourse ) Have a look here; http://www.43rumors.com/ft5-e-m5-successor-has-sensor-shift-to-create-up-to-40-megapixel-images-on-the-fly/ Grabbing 9 screen shots shifted like in the above link should take 0.15s with a bit of extra time for post processing But maybe I'm missing something ?
  11. Krita 2.9 released with quite a few new features; https://krita.org/krita-2-9-the-kickstarter-release/

    1. YouGroove


      Lot of good things.

      "3d Texturing and Image Support" this is something i will test to see if it can be a great too to make tileable textures.

  12. This (free) program can help you make bump / normal / shine / etc maps from photos; http://awesomebump.besaba.com/ The latest version supports loading in you own mesh to display on / calculate from <3
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