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  1. DerRidda

    The Left-Hand Rule

    That solves nothing and only introduces problems when people try to apply math concepts that are "handedness" dependent in Leadwerks as right handed systems are the default in all of math and physics unless explicitly stated otherwise.. Is there any good reason why you did it? +Y can be easily achieved in right handed systems as well, as you just rotate the system as a whole. EDIT: Here Unity is left-handed too, I don't get why engine devs do this silly thing on purpose.
  2. Even without the Steam restart I can now see the standard edition showing up as DLC under Linux.
  3. I remember this very same behavior from my old rig and I absolutely do not see it with my new one. What I found out was that: a) Having any kind of web browser open in the background killed my performance, even when it wasn't doing anything b) The Leadwerks editor itself was in the way of decent performance, when I closed that and ran my projects directly via the binary I got decent performance. I think it was because of having a weak CPU but the behavior was so strange that I guess it isn't just that, it certainly isn't just the OS and drivers or even the Leadwerks engine, I sent a dem
  4. http://on-demand.gputechconf.com/siggraph/2015/video/SIG501-Piers-Daniell.html Fairly high level talk, some demos, all in all very useful still.
  5. They work just like every other file path: It's mounted into the same tree: For example: '/path/to/a/file' Let's forget that partitions are a thing for a moment and call everything drive, you can substitute drive for partition in this example. '/' is on your boot drive of course, let's call that drive1 for example while the 'path' folder of '/path' might be on drive2, the 'to' folder of '/path/to' might even be back on drive1 and the 'a' folder of '/path/to/a' might be an a different drive entirely like drive3. The file 'file' naturally must be on the last drive in that hierarchy.
  6. I can't seem to reproduce this. A shot in the dark: What file system is the project you are trying to work with saved on?
  7. DerRidda

    Windows 10?

    I've been thinking it might be prudent for those that absolutely need to have a Windows installation to wait for Windows Server 2016 to release and consider that their workstation OS from that point forward, as that seems to come without the bollocks attached. That will have a serious price tag attached though but that's better than the many different ways of none-currency payment one will make for Windows 10.
  8. I know but that's mostly targeted at devs and beta testers, doesn't change the fact that it is not meant to be a desktop distro. Here it is straight from the horse's mouth: http://store.steampowered.com/steamos/
  9. Here's my take on this: Go for straight unaltered Ubuntu, I recommend 14.04 LTS for people new to the platform. Yes, it does look different than what Windows users are used to but that is a GOOD thing in my opinion, as it tells your brain that you are outside of what you are familiar with. Windows power-users often try to apply their very specific problem solving skills that did develop through trial and error and then act surprised when all the get is error. Having an interface that tells you "You are not in Kansas anymore, little Dorothy." helps with that. As for tech reasons: Mi
  10. Me jelly... I somehow feel that this is a good deal above your original budget.
  11. Is the source for the GTK plug-in you are using available?
  12. Mouse scrolling not working in most menus. This gets much more annoying than one might think. I think we talked about just trying to enable it again after some other unrelated gtk fixes. Did you ever do that internally?
  13. DerRidda

    Windows 10?

    Actually they aren't. Because iOS isn't most mobile operating systems and even there Cortana isn't most of these things, just one. That's a very fatalist and uninformed opinion. You aren't victim by default and you can protect yourself. Mathematically sound encryption for example works and there's f'ck all the NSA can do about because the laws of nature and mathematics apply to everyone equally at all times. Government money can change math as little as it can wish gravity away because it's inconvenient to their agenda. That's exactly why there's currently an anti-encryption fear cam
  14. Any new info on that? I see there were some responses.
  15. Finally, seems to work well.
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