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  1. Haydenmango

    Snow Rider


    Snow Rider is an arcade snowboarding game. There are two gameplay modes: Time Trial and Free Roam. In Time Trial you have 1 minute and 30 seconds to score as high as possible by doing tricks. Your score in Time Trial will be added to the Leaderboard and only the Top 5 scores will show up on the Leaderboard. In Free Roam you have no time limit but your score is not saved. You can teleport back to the start at anytime by hitting Backspace while you aren't moving. -Controls- F1 - Toggle DrawStats (FPS and other dev things) Ground Controls- W - Push Forward S - Brake
  2. 11 downloads

    An old graveyard was infested with pumpkin plants that turned the corpses into pumpkin head monsters. It is up to you to destroy the source of the infestation and save the world from the pumpkin heads! Controls - W - Move Forward S - Move Backwards A - Move Left D - Move Right Hold Shift - Sprint Spacebar - Jump H - Turns Hardcore mode On/Off (you take more damage in hardcore mode) Q - Kick (knocks enemies back but doesn't do much damage) E - Charge (charge forward and if you collide with something you attempt a power attack)
  3. Going insane terrain sculpting snowboarding maps.

  4. Improving tons of stuff on Rogue Snowboarding, will share an update soon!

    ....also been taking peeks at my old hunt for food game to see what I can do with it.

    1. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      Look forward to seeing an update!

  5. That's great to hear, thanks Josh! I did spend a lot of time tuning the player mechanics, they should be pretty solid. Still going to change the maps more and fix some other issues probably. The map design in particular could be much better with more variety and depth if I develop it further. Pretty happy with how it all turned out, thinking of trying surfing next!
  6. Hi peoples. I've been working on a little snowboarding game for a while now and I wanted to share it. ROGUE SNOWBOARDING is a snowboarding game inspired by Tony Hawk N64, SSX Tricky and 1080 Snowboarding. The concept is to mash old school arcade board sports with a roguelike design. Result is - pretty neat arcade snowboarding mechanics, maps with some procedurally placed objects, randomly generated leaderboard scores to beat, permadeath, rpg stats, unlockables for other modes, and more. Career mode with 4 difficulty tiers and a final halfpipe map. Get a high eno
  7. Made an art application with leadwerks to have something to stare at while listening to my new music album.  


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    2. Haydenmango


      Yep just released my album the other day (it's on my youtube now).  I was thinking of making it a standalone app that has a music player with my songs it in but I'm a lazy flake so it is what it is... maybe next time. haha

    3. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther

      Had a listen. Not bad. What effects do you run your guitar thru. I liked the spacey sound you got on "Looped".

    4. Haydenmango


      Thanks man, appreciate it.  I use a DL4 for delays, crybaby for wah, and boss ds-1 for distortion.  Looped uses a little bit of everything but its probably the delays doing the spacey effects.

  8. Finally decided on the concept for my snowboarding project.  Also recording music to play in the game.

  9. Oh wow I had no idea System:Set/GetProperty() saved/read a cfg file, derp. Shows how much I mess with file system stuff I guess haha. I'll just use that instead of making my own system, thanks!
  10. Hi all! I've been trying to get a save file system working and I've got to the point where I can write the savefile.txt as well as the data I'd like within it. Now I'm trying to read the data I've written on startup to apply the savefile changes. I am stuck trying to figure out how to use Stream:Seek() and Stream:ReadLine() to do this. Here is what my code currently looks like: savefile=FileSystem:ReadFile("snowboardingsavefile.txt") --create savefile if it doesnt exist if savefile==nil then savefile = FileSystem:WriteFile("snowboardingsavefile.txt") --setup first time win
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