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  1. Going insane terrain sculpting snowboarding maps.

  2. This is a gameplay video of my Underwater Asteroids minigame. The lag came from recording the video; normally this game runs smooth. The music in the video is NOT in the game; there are in-game sounds. This game was inspired by the 2D game Asteroids and
  3. This is a 1 player game I am working on that combines Hunting, Survival, and basic Building together. This game is in a very early stage and subject to change. There will be Traps, Stealth, Farming, Gather-able foods(berries,fruits,etc.), Weather, Hidden
  4. Phew! It has been a while since I have been able to post a video of my game but the promised update video has cometh! In this update video many improvements are shown including - Terrain Improvements, HUD Improvements, Angry Birds, and Wolf Feeding. S
  5. This video has some instructions for how to play my game, Hunt For Food, on the Steam Workshop for Leadwerks Game Engine Indie Edition. This game is rather big right now so it takes up to 4+ minutes to download. Everything was put together in Leadwerks G
  6. This is a giant update which is the precursor to the release of The Hunt for Food on the Leadwerks Workshop. A new menu, with awesome music done by Leadwerks User Eric Matyas,has been added which allows you to reload the map without ever exiting the game,
  7. Having some fun with a vehicle thanks to shadmar.
  8. This is a video of me playing the most recent version of my game, Hunt For Food. Many Credits - Nobiax (http://nobiax.deviantart.com/gallery/24853853/Packs) - many many textures and models of good quality (and sometimes for free!) Shadmar (leadwerks shad
  9. In this video I show off some of the new features in the upcoming update for Hunt For Food. There have been many new additions to Hunt For Food including - Added 2 Villages that are randomly placed on the island. Added Reputation System so the player c
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