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  1. an editor field for colored text input and different font
  2. My tactic right now is to wait until LE5 is published. Since it is most likely very different from LE4, I no longer invest as much time in LE4 programming. I hope it comes out soon.
  3. I must make first a few tests, identify models from map and vegetation from map if this is possible. I need also different spawn points for the camera, it would be the best I implement a developer class for programming and grab them out for release versions. In this map I used I have not set a camera and no player, only the map itself. I posted that only for C++ users which have that same problem and did not find anything in the search function. But anyway thank you for help and suggestions.
  4. Yes, but if I want to have a dynamic weather system I will do that in C++ to have the control, I am not a Lua programmer. In the moment I want only a fix weather it is good to have it with the map. But thank you anyway for your info.
  5. I worked the half day on that problem and I think I give the information to everyone who also has this problem with fog. In the Editor fog looks a little bit like fog. Without implementig fog in C++ source, no fog is visible in C++. Loading a map after craeting a camera only a touch of a color is visible in the very far, and fog is not working as it should. I mean with map not a terrain, I loaded a map with only a plattform and some prefabs. I have not tested with terrain. So load a map before creating a camera. Nothing works correct if you not do that.
  6. I searched in the forum but found no artice with a link for TreeIt. It is a nice tree generator http://www.evolved-software.com/treeit/news
  7. First I load a prefab I saved "2 sliding doors, with slidingdoor.lua script", the first prefab works as it should. I loaded the prefab and it did not work. I duplicate the existing prefab in the editor and did not work. I checked all entries, all perfect. I looked in flowgraph editor all perfect ... but wait, it looks only perfect. The duplicated prefab lays directly over the first and when I click the first prefab the Tab from the first are on top when I clicked on the second prefab and look in the flowgraph the second Tabs are on top and it looks they where conn
  8. Since 3 years I have not programmed anything with Leadwerks, that has nothing to do with Leadwerks it was a real life thing. So I must learn the stuff from the beginning. My natural language is not English, I hope you can forgive me a mistake or two . If you want test the code you make a new project and a map. I made some test objects to see if climbing fails or not and under which steps I can crouch and on which step I can jump. I make this blog for me to save the source code. Two times in my life I lost nearly all my source I programmed by HardDrive crashes. So
  9. Bytecroc

    Key down

    For C++ this is possibly a suggestion for the problem with some missing key functions http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/14370-is-there-a-scan-code-function/
  10. Textures are paintet with a program like Paint or Gimp and much more or Texture Generators for Walls Floors. With Blender you give them a UV map
  11. what did you understand to animate something ? I often read something in the web of animations, and see the whole scene was meant. Something like let us roll a ball over a parkour or something. Or in OpenGL Tutorial something like, now let us program some animations and the result is moving some static objects around. in this case programming is needed. But only animating a model in it's movement or gesture is done by an rigging and skeletton or keyframe animation software like Blender, Fragmotion, 3D Studio Max, Milkshape Anim8tor and much more. If your friend must animate
  12. OK, I was not informed about the speed of LUAJit or better I have not recognized that there is a difference to LUA. LUA was for me a interpreted script and so automatically slow. This let me think about some tests I will made in the near future. And possibly a BASIC to LUA converter.
  13. Nice game! Now what could be better. Pressing ESC should not immediately quit the game. I am too often press it to go out of the inventory or crafting window and the game quits. Starting with rain ? Rain should have a better quality. OK, now starting again and hope I did not press ESC OK, I am dead. Night should be dark but not only black.
  14. This gives you an overview how slow lua is against C/C++ http://benchmarksgame.alioth.debian.org/u64/which-programs-are-fastest.html
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