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I'm working on a editor which translates english into C++ for Ultra Engine in realtime.
The idea is to make using Ultra Engine really easy, and it should suit beginners as well as advanced users.
Over time I plan to make it an universal human language to computer language translator which can be configured to use any game engine or other engine.

I'm also wondering if a commanding sentence is more easy than an spectating sentence, but perhaps both can be used to make it suit all cases.
Commanding sentence would look like: "move camera back 5 meters"
Spectating sentence would look like: "camera moves back 5 meters"

I will also add a button so you can compile and run your code directly; that will hopefully make game development a bliss and ultra fun, as VS2022 compiles damn fast.

While UltraEnglish is defining this demonstration, I think I will call it in future Cute (Coders universal translation editor), and as you can see from this example, it looks quite cute when you have to give things names to keep the poem natural.


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4 hours ago, Josh said:

That is so cool. It's even simpler than Dark Basic. You could call it "Human" if you wanted to.

Yeah, I've thought of that name too. I think the final name will shape when I get deeper into this tool.
I want to make a game with this.

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I came up with a new idea for this editor: an realtime interpreter which rewrites the running game code each time a change occurs in the input text. This way you could see in realtime how your game looks.

The running game would not be recompiled with C++ but it reads the input text from memory, disk or even over network. Multiple people could watch as you remotely write the code.

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9 hours ago, Josh said:

Other name ideas:

  • Comment
  • Chitchat
  • Remark

More name ideas:

  • Director's Commentary
  • Storyteller
  • Ghostwriter
  • Demiurge
  • God
  • Script
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5 hours ago, Alienhead said:

Please continue this,  I think it's the coolest addition to Ultra Engine yet! 

I've been developing it every day and will publish a first version soon.

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