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Impressions of Ultra




I started using Ultra Engine on 2023-01-18. Learning to use the engine has been really easy.

The documentation is very clear and I can search for keywords I want to learn about. Each command has a fully working example, so I can quickly copy-paste and try the code.

The installer is also amazingly fast and automatic, and updating to the latest engine is just a click away. Updating my projects to use the latest version is also fully automatic by clicking on the yellow sign.

The support from the Ultra team is very professional and fast, usually I got a solution and/or bug fix or new feature within minutes.

Creating a new game project is just one click away, and when I organize my projects by moving them to other subfolders, importing them back is also a click away.

Now I'm writing an actual game, and while doing so, I'm building classes to implement the game logic. I already made a model in Blender, and it worked directly in my game, using the glTF save option in Blender. Also the physics for the model worked directly.

This weekend I'm unboxing my Ryzen 9 + Radeon RX6800 laptop, and setting everything up for art, music and game production.

My tools are:
- GIMP, for textures
- Blender, for models
- WavePad, for editing .flac audio files
- Reaper, for composing music and saving as .flac
- Ultra Engine, for making the game using the above assets

The game will use physics for triggering game logic, for example: if a certain collision occurs, a new set of physics objects will be spawned.
Some models will have animated color gradients, to simulate dream-like experiences, but who can tell if dreams are real when scientists say it is very probable that the universe is a simulation, made by Ultra Engine ;D

Today I thought about binaural 3D sounds, they will occur when different physics materials collide. I will also implement sound occlusion, so that when a sound is played behind a wall, it will sound dampened. I even thought of sound reflection, so it would bounce off walls, possibly using an invisible gravityless physics ball or raytracing, but I can probably use reverb/echo effects instead.

Finally, the scene will be streamed from a database, perhaps using SQLite3, and I found a nice trick how to remove far-away models using a C++ list.

One thing I really like about the engine too, is that it takes only 4 seconds to compile changes in the game using Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition, and I can even speed that up using game logic libraries and loading parameters from a file.




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