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Little racing car game demo




This little game is here free to play:



1] First step:

Adapting the Spline tool to build what we need: 

I combined some of the possibilities that offers the Spline Tool (great thing) to obtain all this in one:

- Cars align and follow the roads (rotation)

- While using Physics, and so collisions

- While using reverse travel (cars go back on the road)



2] next step: 

- We need speed cars in this game, beautiful , well smoothed, and challenging that can drive a few rounds on a loop racing road, here it is:


I'm just thinking there is no way to overtake this car ! So we have here a nice challenging game.

Next step will be build a playable race car, maybe able to overtake this.



3] Playable speed car

this video shows a little playable demo challenging 3 cars, here  I only get the second place:



Last step should be adding Speed infos, Time needed, best time, the place..

4) Here I managed a player interface to get informations like the speed and the place at which you are actually driving.

A little bit car optimization, and here is a little funny challenging game. 

Next step should be adding options like choose your car model and colors, sounds, music, how much players...


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