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Does anyone know under what condition the assets may be used in your own projects? I was wondering, for example, if I may release a game using materials and models available in Leadwerks (like the sand texture in the editor). I suspect this question may have been asked already and that leads me to my next question:


How do you search for threads that contain ALL words that are searched for. For example, if I search for blue box, it would return threads with both words in them, not just either one (as it does now).



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I added a license section in the file info for all media files.


To search for multiple terms, add + before each word, I think. We'll get it fixed so that is the default behavior.

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Thank you for the earlier help. I just tried to do a search for +alpha +shadow and it found no results yet this page should have come up, I think:


Also, a search for +alpha +shadows (s at the end of shadow) only comes up with one result (again, the above page should have been part of the results).

Nothing urgent. Just thought I should mention it but it would be helpful to have.

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