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How to Make a 2D Game


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I know it may be counter-intuitive but one of my thoughts is to use Leadwerks for a 2D game. I'm thinking either a platformer or a game like

. The question is, how do you implement a 2D game in Leadwerks?


My first thought was to create two massive planes, one on each side of the characters, which prevents them from moving in the Z plane. That, combined with resetting all rotations to face the correct way each frame should solve most problems. But what if some characters are wider than others? Do I put down multiple planes? This seems a bit awkward.


The second thought was that maybe Newtown's already thought of this. I didn't see this in the Bodies wiki but perhaps there's a way to set it to ignore Z movement. Or, is there a way to detect Z movement and apply a negative force to counter it?


Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. This is also my first post on the forums so hello all!


Oh, finally: how do you access the two locked tutorials on the wiki? I sent Josh an email a few days ago but I guess he's busy.



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Modern 2D games have always a little 3D effect in them too, look for example how Little Big Planet was made.

It's basically a 2D platformer, but you can sometimes move 1 meter in Z-direction too, for example when climbing a stairway up.

That can be done in Leadwerks without any special tricks, you just make your level 2 meter deep.

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Thank you. From macklebee's post, it looks like I'll need to investigate 2d joints, as I'm very likely not a good enough programmer to modify the newton code. Lumooja, believe it or not, I've thought of Little Big Planet before this but that just seems a step more difficult, as in something to implement after one figures out how to do single-plane 2D with a 3D engine.


In addition to all this, I've used the wonderful pmask collision library before. It's strictly 2D but I can see the possibility of not using Newton and implementing it instead. It would be some extra work, somehow analyzing the 3D world and creating a 2D collision array from it, but it could be done.

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This question was asked in the old forum here.

I limited the movement to 2D with the code posted there which works fine.

For the rotation I found no similar way, so please let me know if you solve it.

To limit the rotation I'm using two big boxes between which my ship moves. I had to adjust the body damping, so that

the boxes don't decelerate the ship to much.

But what if some characters are wider than others? Do I put down multiple planes? This seems a bit awkward.

Yes :)

All my ships will have the same z-size to avoid this trouble. Especially in Multiplayer

using multiple planes/boxes.


Julio (the newton maker) wrote that he is working on something to limit movement to 2D.

But I don't know how far he is.

Btw: Which newton version is LE 2.3 using?

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