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LE-2.3 Shadows problem


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I know there was a bug reported similar to this but I'm not sure if its been fixed yet. Have you re-synced recently Roland?

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I think the bug report was for vegetation shadows, There was a similar problem HERE. not sure if it is the same problem and will be any help though Roland.

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Increase the range of the directional light. The huge mountains are intersecting the near camera frustum when the shadow is rendered, resulting in the camera terrain passing in and out of the shadow.

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Yes I'm the everyday resync type of guy.


Marleys Ghost

Thanks for the tip. Seems to be same thing that Josh suggests



Tested with incresing from 100 to 1500 and the results are much better.

Some strange things still appears. I will test around a little more, I know my

terrain is a bit extreme but thats my idea. I could try make the cliff walls half

the height to see if that will make things better


I played around a little more with the light values and got acceptable results

by not only increasing the range, but also increasing the Shadow Distance Y value.

Those changes gave pretty good shadows but there was still a "shadow ring" around

the camera sometimes. However I got rid of this by decreasing the Shadow Distance X value.


So I think my problem is solved for now

Edited by Roland Strålberg

AV MX Linux

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