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Happy New Year!


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I would just like to wish everyone a happy new year! Two Thousand-Nine was a great year in terms of everything,and I hope Two Thousand-Ten will be great for everyone!



Cheers to 2009, and a Welcoming to 2010.



Shall the Year Be great

Jim Atchue

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It's like JFK announcing the moon mission. He had no expertise in space travel, and no way of knowing if it would work. He just announced "we're going to the moon" and then they made it happen because everyone was on the same page and working towards the same goal. If he had said "well, let's get some people in space, and we'll see how far out we can get, and if I find someone to make a rocket strong enough, we could possibly approach the moon's orbit and maybe land" it wouldn't have happened.
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Happy new year every one, every where.

Actually we don't celebrate christmas here, but let me wish the best for all of you people. icon_razz.gif

Omid Saadat

OD Arts Blog


AMD Phenom II X4 940 - Geforce 8800GTS - 4GB RAM - XP x86

AMD 6000+ - Geforce 9800 GT - 2GB RAM - XP x86 (Home pc)

Intel Core i7 - Geforce 310M - 4GB Ram - Win7 x64 (Laptop)

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Ahhh, Gregorian New Years Day again. Another year gone but no wiser I fear. As a boy, I remember thinking I'd never live to see 2010. As a girl ... onm.



I sincerely wish you all success with your programming endeavours this year.

6600 2.4G / GTX 460 280.26 / 4GB Windows 7

Author: GROME Terrain Modeling for Unity, UDK, Ogre3D from PackT

Tricubic Studios Ltd. ~ Combat Helo

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