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  1. Same problem here. Is there any way to fix it?
  2. Calibre converts to many formats and it's free. http://calibre-ebook.com/
  3. I had same problem with Cinema4D 11, and the only way to solve it was to fix the model with Unwrap3D. Its a problem from conversion.
  4. It's true. But you can apply concepts you learned on not finished big projects to big projects. There are many learning ways. I begun to code at 12 with a ZX Spectrum in Basic, and learned Assembler a year later (in 1982 there wan not Internet ). Fortunately I didn't say that time I want to make games, I simply did it. I think everybody can learn whatever if they try. If he fail at first attempt to make a MMOFPS, probably he will be organized better the second time. "learns from mistakes"
  5. Only trying to make a big game you learn how to make a big game. So, go for it and ask for help when needed.
  6. I'll add the possiblity of draw text over a texture, or manage text like a texture. So, you could make 3D Huds.
  7. Yes, and I sold some programs coded with purebasic. But I bought Blitmax because there were not leadwerks wrapper for purebasic, and other usefull things like OOP.
  8. It's the first time I see a purebasic version working ok. XD Good job and go for it.
  9. ya somos 3 Españoles :)

  10. Feliz Año Nuevo!!! Happy New Year!!!
  11. There is a little problem when using HDR+DOF. Tested with NVIDIA GTX 260.
  12. Hello everyone. It's time to check new engine.
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