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Problems getting Ultra App to Build/Compile in Linux

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It seems after getting the Linux version (Ubuntu 20.04, no Ubuntu 18.04) issue fixed, I've run into other new problems.

I started using VS Code (which was recommended by you) and I can't seem to get UltraEngine.h to be found and referenced, even when including the Include path to the SDK folder in steam by editing the c_ccp_properties.json file to get it to start looking in there.

So I switched IDE to Code::Blocks and got much further along, but now having issues with it in finding X11/Xmu/WinUtil.h when I try to build the sample. Got any ideas why this is the case?

Looking through my hard drive folders, I did find the X11/Xmu/WinUtil.h and it is installed from the libxmu-dev package in the /usr/include/X11/Xmu/ folder.
I am still in process to ask the Code:Blocks community for help, but they are doing a migration so everything is read only at the moment.  I can't post.

I also went on-line and didn't find anything useful. 

So I'm looking for some answers to help solve this basic issue.  Any suggestions on where to look and what to do? 

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You should not have to set up the project yourself. If you create a new project from the app it should just work out of the box?

There is a makefile created in your project's folder. That controls where evreything is found. Maybe look in that?

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I had to fix the Make file as it was looking for AppKit.o and could not find it due to an extra "/" and the missing string of "debug/" or "release/" in the path.

The project still has issues with UltraEngine.h in VS code.


Tried using Ubuntu 20.04 since you used it hoping that it would solve any hidden reasons, and I found Ubuntu 20.04 worse in many ways in trying to get things started and configured then Zorin OS 16.


I'm getting to the point where I think some manual setup instructions are needed encase the make file fails to do a proper setup while also helping in using other IDEs for developing software using Ultra App Kit.

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