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About the art of animations

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There are for Skyrim ten years after release many mods and modders that are trying to reinvent the combat system that feels maybe to soft,or simply boring.

This could introduce my question, does anyone here know anything about animations Technics on how you can create

Energy fully effects in the characters animations 

How the player gets a chocking feedback on weapon collision? Hit Feedback? Blocked chock Feedback feelings like metal hits something and not feeling like a knife in a mushroom yes. Here is a good example how it is possible to feel the combat dynamically:

What's the plan to go from a classically mixamo animation to a reactive effective and responsive behavior of the NPCs in-game?

I enjoy all suggestions thx


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You need three things :

- Dramatic background music. This sets the scene and lets the player know that a battle is about to take place.

Check out  Eric Matyas Epic music

- Sound effects. In the video you linked to they used great sound effects. Body hits, sword clashes and swhooshes all add to the atmosphere.

You can find some free ones at freesound . Sonniss also give free sounds every year

You might also consider buying better quality sound effects Humble, Fanatical and Groupees often have good deals on audio effects.

- Particle effects. This is the hardest to get right. You need to combine coding and art to get a good result. For example player does an sword attack. Using code we work out whether the players attack misses. We play a swhoosh sound and play a particle effect of a sword going thru air. If the player hits the enemy. Does the enemy block the attack. Then play a Clang sound effect  and play a spark particle. If the attack hits the enemy then play a body hit sound and blood splatter particle effect. There are some particle effects in the Steam Workshop These are basic but should get you started. 

Good luck.

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Yes I thought about the sound and light effect and all a question of timing. Thx for the links.

It seems to me they are using acceleration and deceleration while animating making a sword moving quicker and giving a pause if I don't know critical or maybe blocked so that all the rythm of the combat becomes non liniar.

This seems a crazy work of coordination, maybe they have tools for that, maybe programmers are just incredible artists and that's why so much other games come out without that quality.

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On 10/5/2021 at 5:10 PM, Thirsty Panther said:

Necesitas tres cosas:

- Música de fondo dramática. Esto establece la escena y le permite al jugador saber que una batalla está a punto de tener lugar.

Echa un vistazo a Eric Matyas Epic music

- Efectos de sonido. En el video que vinculaste usaron excelentes efectos de sonido. Los golpes corporales, los choques de espadas y los swhooshes se suman a la atmósfera.

Puedes encontrar algunos gratuitos en freesound Sonniss también ofrece sonidos gratis cada año

También puede considerar comprar efectos de sonido de mejor calidad Humble, Fanatical y Groupees a menudo tienen buenas ofertas en efectos de audio.

- Efectos de partículas. Esto es lo más difícil de acertar. Necesitas combinar codificación y arte para obtener un buen resultado. Por ejemplo, el jugador hace un ataque con espada. Usando código, determinamos si los jugadores atacan fallas. Tocamos un sonido swhoosh y reproducimos un efecto de partícula de una espada que atraviesa el aire. Si el jugador golpea al enemigo. ¿Bloquea el enemigo el ataque? Luego reproduce un efecto de sonido Clang y reproduce una partícula de chispa. Si el ataque golpea al enemigo, entonces reproduzca un sonido de golpe corporal y un efecto de partículas salpicada de sangre. Hay algunos efectos de partículas en el Taller de Vapor Estos son básicos, pero deberían ayudarlo a comenzar.

Buena suerte.

How do I download the particle effect from steam?

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14 hours ago, Yue said:

How do I download the particle effect from steam?

It's a bit tricky this one.

Inside Leadwerks goto the Marketplace menu and select "Workshop".

Browse thru the different content until you find the Particle Pack. For me it is on page 25.

Click on "Install".

Close the Workshop window.

To open the Particle map select open map in Leadwerks. Click on the up arrow so that you are in the root directory of the project.

At the bottom of the list you will see "" Select this and open.

Now go to the view menu and select  "realtime renderer". The effects should come to life for you.

Under the scene tab select the entities tab and you will find all the different emitters . Click the Emitter tab to see the settings they use.

To make some new effects you can go to the appearance tab and change the material used. Smoke and softsmoke make good smoke effects. Or use default and change the start and end colors in the emitter tab to get even more variety.

Once you get the hang of a single emitter group multiple emitters to get more realistic effects. 



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