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Z Order?


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I am having trouble getting something to draw last. It is a gui mesh, and I want it to draw last on top of everything else. I kinda thought that zsort in the .mat file would achieve this. It doesn't seem to do this however?


I am kinda thinking I need to be doing something special with the buffers? I dunno. Any ideas, hints, or direction would be welcome. Thanks!

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I read this with interest, I am trying to do a similar thing... but failing, I tried using the z-sort... with depth mask and depth test settings, but my model appears to get culled... also the problem I have with this is my model has multiple materials so this causes problems in it's appearance..


I have not really worked much with worlds, I use the standard foreground for emitters. but can someone help me by explaining how I create my own world (yes I know CreateWorld :D ) but once it is created how do I ensure my model is rendered to that world and how do I ensure that that world is "on top" of everything else?

If it's not Tactical realism then you are just playing..

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