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  1. Check out this video's YouTube channel for more info.
  2. Check out this video's YouTube channel for more info.
  3. FindWindow is used like: HWND WINAPI FindWindow( __in_opt LPCTSTR lpClassName, __in_opt LPCTSTR lpWindowName ); so it should be HWND hWnd = FindWindow(0, title.c_str()); in the example you linked to.
  4. Unlimited Detail technology is still being worked on: http://bit.ly/qZLNhq - just wow

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    2. YouGroove


      I've seen ggod articles on that! actually it's just advertisment, this engine exists fomr long time like 1 or 2 years ! The bad points are : they don't have all lightening things we have with shaders ! It is incredibly consuming in terms of memory indeed compared to polygon + Tesselation ! You can achieve as great detail using tesselation using incredibly less memory !

      - another bad point is animations , this system si for static elements only

      - Thei...

    3. YouGroove


      And just performance i doubt will be as good as polygons + tesselation ( + model instancing). Just a rotation involves to calculate the rotation for all 500 000 or more points voxel -> it can't compare to polygons and rotation of only 5000-8000 polys + Tesselation and normal map !

      I use 3D Coat that is pure voxel system optimised and believe me it's incredibly slow in pretty good resolutions compared to Zbrush or Sculptris. Well we'll see if one day will appear speci...

    4. Brent Taylor

      Brent Taylor

      I think the two big issues that are being glossed over are critical. First and foremost, it's a problem of animation. Mixing standard polygon models and voxels is going to plunge us deep into the uncanny valley.


      Secondly, consider how much data is going to need to be stored to represent these scenes? I see it possibly taking several gigs per scene/map easily with that level of detail.

  5. 1 year later: This time they have some better (mostly scanned) artwork It's just amazing IMO.
  6. How can it be so sure that they won't overlap? Does it do runtime checking (which would be pretty slow...)? You can promise the C/C++ compiler that two pointers won't overlap using __restrict: int fast(int * __restrict A, int * __restrict B) { *A = 5; *B = 7; // RESTRICT promises that A != B return *A + *B; // no stall; the compiler hangs onto // 5 and 7 in the registers. } int slow(int *A, int *B) { *A = 5; *B = 7; return *A + *B; // LHS stall: the compiler doesn't // know whether A == B, so it has to // reload both before the add }
  7. Well in the original post you're asking about a cross platform live sync&display type of functionality like CE 3, but what has this got to do with having multiple monitors?
  8. For this you could just stretch the editor window over all you screens. Or the new editor could allow to define more views that have separate camera positions and appear in their own windows.
  9. You don't have to create a new font if you just want to use another color. You should always leave the color to white.
  10. I think the wiki should be replaced by something using this website design and template (like the tutorials section). This would unify things. Btw. what happened to the planned "official" documentation which was supposed to become a replacement of the wiki?
  11. Dropbox ftw! It can also restore older versions of files, is very easy to use and takes advantage of LAN sync if possible, which gives same performance as shared folder for download, and saving files is even faster because you save them locally directly and they are uploaded later, independently of saving.
  12. Masterxilo

    VS 2010

    I can use every library just fine. Even a glut32.lib compiled in 2001 so I don't think these need to be recompiled.
  13. Masterxilo

    Light Calc

    The lighting just lights what was rendered onto the buffer on SetBuffer(buffer); RenderWorld(); , it doesn't take any changes you make to the world after rendering it into account. You can easily make an object invisible yet still cast a shadow (meaning what is below won't be affted by the light making it cast a shadow), I think Josh already showed how to in your other thread. The idea is to use a material that doesn't render anything with it's normal "shader", yet has a "shadowshader" that renders the object solid.
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