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Suggested Ambient/Directional Light Values

Ryan Wenke

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Ambient light can be completely black. Directional light should be a very dark blue. To get more light to the night scene, you should use spotlights for lanterns and flashlights, and a few point lights for in-house ceiling lights and fireplace lights. If the spot and point lights are based on fire, you should add a yellow hue to them. For glow bulbs add a very slight yellow hue, and for energy saving and neon lights use white.

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I think for nighttime scenes a somewhat desaturated dark blue is good for ambient light, and a white slightly blue light is good for moonlight, with the intensity set pretty low.


Unless you want it to be dark for a reason, don't make it too dark. Rely on the blue tint and keep it bright enough to see. You'll notice this technique used in movies a lot.

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